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2002 GEA Grasso GmbH 2
Helsinki, Finland
GEA Grasso GmbH
2 x Grasso FX PV 2800/S


Stock number:
5600 kW
Utilities - cooling plant
R717 (NH3)
Plate evaporator:
Alfa-Laval M20-MWFRC
Evoporative condenser:
Compressor package weight:
13250 kg
Compressor's electric motor:
Schorch 560 kW / 2988 rpm / 50 Hz
Total running hours / compressor:
15 000
Processing equipment in Finland
Water chiller


Water Chiller Plant with GEA Grasso FX PV 2800 / S - cooling capacity 2 x 2800 kW
Very good condition, large capacity water chiller plant with two GEA Grasso FX PV 2800 / S liquid cooling compressor – cooling capacity 2 x 2800 kW, with complete auxiliaries. This plant was built in 2002 but it has only 15 000 operating hours and it is in excellent condition. Refrigerant is R717 (NH3)
Liquid Chiller GEA Grasso FX 2800 / s – 2 x 2800 kW
Two identical GEA Grasso FX PV 2800 S – screw type liquid chiller compressors were installed in 2003 (made in 2002) and they still installed and in very good working condition. The compressors have flooded evaporation, plate type evaporator and evaporative condenser cooler. type They have been operated only 15 000 hours, their cooling capacity is 2800 kW/unit. Refrigerant is R717 (NH3)
The delivery includes complete system with compressor package, evaporators, pumps, intermediate NH3 tanks, evaporative condenser and control cabinets.
The screw compressor sucks NH3 gas out of the liquid separator and compresses it up to condensation pressure. The refrigerant turns to liquid as it is cooled in the condenser. The liquid NH3 is injected back to the liquid separator via a high pressure float valve as expansion device. Inside the liquid separator liquid form and gas for are separated. The liquid NH3 passes in a gravity driven circuit to the evaporator. During the evaporation into gaseous form (with heat energy delivered by the secondary refrigerant) it evaporates and a mixture of gas and liquid is coming back to the liquid separator. Oil is injected into the working chamber of the screw compressor during operation and it is then separated again from the refrigerant in the discharge side oil separator. The oil which has heated up in the compressor is cooled in an oil cooler to reach the entry temperature and passes a fine filter.
This liquid chillers is equipped with a freely programmable standard logic controller PLC SIMATIC C7-633. All operating and fault signals as well as the process variables can be read from a LCD display with background lighting. The display is operated via a robust foil keyboard having 6 functions and 24 system keys.