Emlichheim, Germany
Diesel-Stromgenerator SGL-5000 5 kW mit Lichtmast, 5 m pneumatisch


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Our power generator Jansen SGL-5000 has a power of 5 kW single-phase and is driven by a very quiet and quiet diesel engine. Thanks to the sound-proofed metal housing, the noise is only 65 dB. The full power of 5000 watts can be tapped on a can! For most power generators, the total output is spread over 3 phases and consequently only 13 of the total power is to be picked up on a can. Here the phase can be permanently loaded with 20-25 A. In addition, a light mast is mounted, which can be pneumatically extended to a height of 5 meters. Diesel power pack and light mast are mounted on a chassis with pneumatic tires 3.50-8. A steerable handle was attached to the front of the chassis for easy movement. The four extendable supports provide the necessary stability in working position. By means of the manual height adjustment of the supports, unevenness in the ground is compensated and the unit aligned. For transport, the mast can be laid flat and screwed. The housing of the unit is additionally sound-proofed. On the light mast, 4 headlight protection classes IP65 with 250 watt each are mounted. The total light output is therefore 1000 watts. Two 230 volt sockets are installed on the power generator, which allow you to operate any tool or machine. These sockets can be switched on or off on the unit. Thanks to the built-in pneumatics, the mast can be simply moved in or out by pushing a button. In addition, a 12 V DC voltage with 8.3 A can also be fused. An operating hours counter, an oil level warning lamp and a voltage measuring device are also installed in the front of the valves. The video shows the previous model, which we have now improved in many respects: chassis, supports, etc. Technical data: ISO 9001-2008 Engine: Diesel, 9 hp, 3600 Umin. Power generator: 5000 Watt Power lamps: 4x 250 Watt Lamp: HPI-T, Halide Lamp, 250 Watt, E40 socket Mast height: 5 meters Mast diameter: 90 mm Drive mast: pneumatic Electric starter: yes Noise emission: 65 dB Total dry weight: 390 Kg Fuel: Diesel Tank capacity: 12 liters Consumption: approx. 0,8 lStd. Dimensions built-up including mast: 240x90x150 cmLxBxH Dimensions built up without mast: 160x90x125 cmLxBXH Height of mast extended: 500 cm Height of mast retracted: 260 cm Height of mast folded: 125 cm Dimensions of packaging: 225x120x95 cm LxWxH Weight of packaging: 450 kg