2015 Hidrogarne TL-300 Hydraulic Straightening
Remscheid, Germany


Subcategory 2:
Straightening-, and bending machines
Subcategory 3:
Hydraulic Straightening Press Portal


Hydraulic portal straightening press with motor-driven press frame and motor-driven cylinder. Press table as a rigid bed welded construction with honeycomb structure. Anti-rotation of the piston rod through a column. Continuous adjustment. Operation of the lifting and traversing over suspension panel by means of buttons. The limitation of the upper and lower dead point can be set via Upper limit of the machine. You can choose between manual and semi-automatic return. Technical data compression force max. kN 3000 stroke mm 450 press speed ND mm / s 9 press speed HD mm / s 2 reverse speed mm / s 15 Mounting height mm 700 Table height mm 750 Front passage mm 2560 Table width mm 2500 Table Depth mm 4000 Traverse press frame mm 3000 traverse cylinder mm 2000 Overall width approx mm 3650 total depth of approximately 4300 mm Total height approx 3100 mm Frame height mm 2600 Motor power kW 7.5 Weight kg 16000 Available with top and lift cylinder. The machine complies with the newest applicable EN 693 for hydraulic presses and is designed with declaration of conformity and CE marking. These machines are available from 150 to 400 tonnes