Emmeloord, Netherlands
HDS 9/17-4 C BASIC




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Powerful three-phase hot water high-pressure cleaner of the compact class with 4-pole, water-cooled electric motor. Unique Eco mode for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective use. User friendly thanks to central one-button operation. Excellent mobility thanks to large wheels and steering wheel. Resistant chassis with integrated tanks for detergent and fuel. Ergonomic easy-press hand spray gun with soft grip and Servo-Control for continuous control of pressure and water volume on the accessories. Handy storage pockets for accessories, sprayers etc. Use ## Vehicles ## Cleaning Cleaning of equipment and machinery ## Cleaning the workplace ## Cleaning of outdoor areas ## cleaning stations ## Gevelreiniging ## Cleaning Cleaning ## pools of sports ## cleaning during the production of ## cleaning production profitability eco-efficiency mode - economical and environmentally friendly, even during prolonged use. Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20%. Precise detergent dosing with coil cleaning function to use Intuitive operation with large éénknopskeuzeschakelaar. Large tank opening with filler cap. Handy bottle for system maintenance, externally interchangeable. Integrated cable storage hook and spray lance attachment. Big snake hook or hose reel. Lockable storage compartment for accessories such as nozzles, tools etc. Mobility Jogger Principe, with two large tires and steering wheels. Integrated tilt module for easy tilt during transport on uneven terrain. Large, integrated gripping holes in the chassis. Large, transparent fine mesh water filter effectively protects the pump against contamination large lifting tool for easy tilt during transport over obstacles such as steps and curbs big tank opening with integrated cap for easy filling
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