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Struers Duramin 05656242 Hardness tester
Borken, Germany
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Struers Duramin


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Here we offer you a Struers Duramin microhardness tester. Struers Duramin microhardness tester Specifications: Item Duramin Max test load 19.61 N test load Automatic load changes in 9 steps ( mN; charging method Automatic load application and automatic load change load time 5-999 . sec indenter Vickers indenter, optional Knoop, Brinell and Triangular standard lens x 40 (Optional: x 10, x 20, x 50, x 100). Max 2 lenses eyepiece x 10 Effective measuring length 250 pm (x 40) Resolution of display 0, 01 pm sample table Table size 120 x 120 mm, X / Y adjustment 25 mm, Max. sample height 100 mm, Max. sampling depth about 140 mm, traversing the z-axis 60 mm Statistical data display mean, standard deviation, Korrekturköffizient, minimum, maximum histogram (of 256 measurements) Test condition: 10 test conditions can be stored sample name: alpha numeric (12 digits) Sample No .: numerically (12 digits) Test mode: single and serial measurement test force: 9 stage loading time: 5-999 sec . (1 p steps) Number of impressions (max. 256) Hardness tolerance Tolerance evaluation (OK / NOK) correction (only for Vickers measurement) to compensate for the sample shape Remarks: Alphanumeric (12 digits) data display diagonal d1 / d2, hardness value, Converted hardness value * 1), Statistical values ​​Tol [...Technical data truncated]