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Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) Unit
Perth Amboy, NJ


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plant# 397
15,800 BPD
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The FCCU was originally designed for 1800 MT/D but later processed up to a nominal 2300 MT/D of fresh feed comprising heavy VGO. The fresh feed can change from HS VGO to LS VGO depending on the source of crude to the refinery. Most of the fresh feed comes to the FCCU hot from the vacuum distillation unit. The remainder of the feed comes cold from tankage. The unit was operated to maximize the production of light distillate. The light distillate is taken as a side draw from the main fractionator called “LLCO” which comprises the heavy end of the gasoline and the light end of the light cycle oil, 160°C - 300°C in ASTM D86 distillation. This LLCO is then hydrotreated for blending in the 10 ppm sulfur automotive diesel pool. In 2010, the FCCU carried out a revamp project. The primary goals of this revamp project were to (i) increase the fresh feed rate to 2400 MT/D using the HS VGO feed, (ii) improve the reactor yield slate to maximize the production of LLCO and minimize the production of dry gas and slurry and (iii) reduce the production of butadiene in the C4’s by approximately 50%.
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Major Equipment
• Main Air Compressor
• Reactor / Regenerator
• Fractionator
• Wet Gas Compressor
• Product Treater
• Stripper
• Gas Plant
• Flue Gas Unit
• Absorber
• Depentanizer
• Depropanizer
• Catalyst Cooler
• Superheater
• Vacuum Flasher
gasoline, oil gas