GEARTEC GMS 32 double flank
Essen, Germany
GMS 32


Machine type:
double flank tester


2-sides measuring instrument for spur gears gear Tester GMS 32 designed for the universal 2-flank testing of gears, bevel gears, worm gear sets and has been developed taking into account the latest knowledge and experience in the field of metrology and manufactured. Here, gears with straight or helical gearing also can be flying or between peaks stretched and measured.

Be - & 2-flank testing
In the wake of ever-increasing quality requirements for gears and gear parts, gain in addition to the conventional measuring and testing methods (tactile measurements, 3D measurements), the be - and the 2-flank testing the noise testing more and more in importance.
This test method is suitable especially for determining errors in the gear geometry as round and plan operating characteristics, rolling deviations or pitch error.
Gear testing machines used quality control to the fast 100% of finished gears, to rate the quality of gears.