2015 GEARTEC GT 200 S
Essen, Germany
GT 200 S


Subcategory 2:
Gearwheel testing machines
Subcategory 3:
double flank tester


Universal test for internal gears, ring gears The Zahnradprüfgerät GT 200S is designed for universal 2-flank testing of ring gears and was prepared taking into account the latest knowledge and experience in the field of metrology. Since the device is suitable for inspection under laboratory conditions, as well as for the quality control of work processes. Together with the double-edged deviations fluctuations in the wheelbase, concentricity, Mass over the teeth or pins / balls can be measured here. Single flank u. 2-flank testing part of the ever-increasing quality requirements on gear and gear parts, obtain in addition to the conventional measuring and testing methods (tactile measurements, 3D measurements), the single flank, the 2-flank testing and noise testing is becoming increasingly important , These test methods are particularly suitable for detecting errors in the gear geometry as radial and axial runout characteristics Wälzabweichungen or pitch errors. Wälzprüfmaschinen are used for quick 100 - of quality control of finished gears to assess the quality of gears -%. There is simulated under real load conditions and then evaluated a practical installation situation of a gear outside of the transmission. Deviations in the tooth geometry, machining errors caused by defective tools or damage to the teeth can so about [...Technical data truncated]