2016 GEARTEC GT 100 B
Essen, Germany
GT 100 B


Subcategory 2:
Bevel gear testing machines
Subcategory 3:
bevel gear tester


The Kegelradprüfmaschine GT 100B is designed for universal contact pattern testing of bevel gears and is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the latest knowledge and experience in the field of metrology. The center distance and the tilt angle can be adjusted by means of the final mass and gauge. The device is also suitable for the 2 cross examination, evaluation. Conventionally using precise dial gauge It is driven manually with a handle. The main advantage is the ease of use without compromising compliance with all requirements that are applicable to the accuracy, reliability and speed of measurement. This test method is particularly suitable for detecting errors in the gear geometry as radial and axial runout characteristics Wälzabweichungen or pitch errors. Here is a practical installation situation of a gear outside of the transmission is simulated under real load conditions and then evaluated. Deviations in the tooth geometry, machining errors caused by defective tools or damage to the teeth can be detected and eliminated before installation. It is possible to use the device in the test room and also directly in the manufacturing process. At the customer's chip shots are available that allow to tile all bevel gears without aligning. For more information, see the data sheet