2015 AUSA T144 H Plus
Joliet, IL
$47,835 USD
AUSA forklifts
T144 H Plus


Fuel type:
Max width:
Max height:
Max length:
Engine make:
Engine model:
Capacity (lbs):
3000 pounds


Rendel's, Inc. is proud to be the AUSA equipment dealership to the Midwest and Central portions of the United States. List price is $70,088, but that isn't the price you'll pay at Rendel's...Own it now for an introductory cash sale price of $52,566 or use The Rendel's AUSA Triple Play...Use AUSA's END YEAR SALES EVENT INCENTIVES AND RENDEL'S TO THE RESCUE UNMATCHED DISCOUNT to buy three brand new fully factory equipped T144 H plus telehandlers at a wonderful discount: Additional Triple Play Discount... Pre-tax per unit selling price....$47,835.00 AUSA Taurulift T 144 H Plus is the lightest and most compact telehandler in the market. It is capable of handling loads up to 3,000 lb (1,350 kg) at a maximum height of 13' 1" (3,90 m.) This machine can reach horizontally 2,2m with a 550kg load and it is the ideal equipment for professionals seeking the minimum investment and operating costs. The T 144 H Plus is a light telehandler of just 5,291 lb. (2.4tn), well distributed between the two axles. It makes possible to work on fragile grounds or even being transported on a trailer. Rear steering wheels facilitates loading tasks with a turning radius of 9'9" (less than 3 m.) It is powered by a low noise and low fuel consumption 22.7kW Kubota engine. The AUSA exclusive designed hydrostatic transmission with an automatic anti-slippery system enhances the performance of the permanent 4WD transmission with a lower fuel consumption and tire wearing. The cabin and the controls are optimized for ergonomics. The spacious and easily accessible operator s position has been created to minimize fatigue. All controls grouped in a joystick for an intuitive operation. The T 144 H Plus telehandler is the perfect choice for handling loads in buildings under construction, farmlands, golf courses, cellars, It is a functional alternative to a skid steer loader with better capacity, reach and lifting height. In addition, its compact size of just 6'4" (1.94m), width of 4'8" (1.41m) and length of 12'2" (3.71m) allows to be used on confined spaces. Technical Specifications Specifications T 144 H Plus Load capacity 1.350 kg Traction 4x4 Engine 22,7 kW Lifting height 3,90 m Turning radius 2,98 m Measures (wide x long x high) 1,41 x 3,71 x 1,94 m Unladen weigth 2.400 kg Works well with D 100 / 120 A D 1000 AP / APG D 150 AHG D 150 RM / RMA / RMG D 175 RMS D 201 RH / RHG / S D 250 AHG / AHGA D 250 RMS / RHGS D 300 RM / RH / A D 350 / 400 AHG D 600 AP / APG M 200 H M 250 M / MC M 350 H T 204 H T 235 H T 306 H T 307 H X 1100 RH X 500 RM Especially Designed For Agriculture Construction Industrial. Please call Sales Manager, John K. Peterson, Sr. now to arrange for same day delivery in the greater Joliet/Chicago area...or if you prefer send him an email at jkptrucks at g mail com, you'll be glad you did.
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