2016 AUSA C250 Hx4 Rough
Joliet, IL
$58,339 USD
AUSA forklifts
C250 Hx4


Fuel type:
Max width:
Max height:
Max length:
Engine make:
Engine model:
36,5 kW diesel
Capacity (lbs):
5100 pounds
Transmission speed:


Just announced, 0% $1 buy out lease for up to 36 months, on all in stock AUSA equipment purchases. Offer good until the close of business October 15, 2016. With O.k. credit history put just $1,620/month in your business plan to make this time saving, state of the art piece of equipment to work for your company or farm.Rendel's, Inc. is proud to be the AUSA equipment dealership to the Midwest and Central portions of the United States. HERE NOW...Brand New AUSA C250Hx4 Rough Terrain Forklift with a Cold Weather Plus Value Pack features a fully closed soundproof cabin with factory installed more powerful heater system designed for northern countries use. (2) front and (1) rear work lights on cabin roof. List price is $75,856 but that isn't the price you'll pay at Rendel's...Own it now for an introductory cash sale price of $58,339 or buy a matched pair for $57,839 each. C250 Hx4 Rough terrain and semi-industrial forklift capacity to 5,000 lb (2,500 kg.) Unique concept of light, compact, agile and safe forklift. Ideal for load manipulation over demanding terrains and narrow spaces. Advanced design of forklift fully cabbed. Espacious and ergonomic generates minimum tiredness and give a great safety of operation. Tilting cabin for easy maintenance. The outstanding performance of the hydrostatic transmission with the permanent 4WD Compen or connectable 4WD FullGrip allows the easy carry of loads on the toughest grounds and narrow places. The big diameter and width of the tyres together with a good ground clearance give a great safety, grip and stability for driving over obstacles at full load. Front flotation tires generate an outstanding stability of loads on forks to transport heavy weight. Unique forklift of its category with an optional wider axels to maximize the stability at full load. Technical Specifications Specifications C250Hx4 Load capacity 2.500 kg Traction 4x4 Engine C 250 H) 36,5 kW Lifting height 3,30 m Turning radius m (C 250 H 4x4) 4,0 m Measures (wide x long x high) C 250 H) 1,54 x 4,24 x 2,15 m Unladen weight C 250 H 4x4 4.300 kg Gallery Works well with C 11 M C 150 H C 300 / 350 H C 500 H M 200 H M 250 M / MC M 350 H Especially Designed For Agriculture, Construction or Industrial use. Please call Sales Manager, John K. Peterson, Sr. now to arrange for same day delivery in the greater Joliet/Chicago area...or if you prefer send him an email at jkptrucks at g mail . com, you'll be glad you did.
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