2011 Joke mini-BagBoy 400 Bag-producing
Behamberg, Austria
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mini-BagBoy 400


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Bag-producing machine


The smallest and most powerful of its kind. The new mini-BagBoy is an absolute novelty in the market of bag-making. Compact design on the cutting edge of technology
Designed to produce the smallest space bottom seam bag. The mini-BagBoy fits easily on any workbench and on every desk. Two stepper motors provide precise operation in the bag length and the straight section of the bag. There is no compressed air is therefore required. The mini-BagBoy only needs 230 volt power supply
Using the touch screen, all parameters (feed length, number of strokes, welding / cooling time, quantity) can be adjusted quickly and easily. This is even possible while the machine is running
With the mini-BagBoy of joke bag formats of max. 400 or 600 mm film width and lengths from 15 mm to 4,000 mm (and beyond) are produced. It is also possible to produce multiple lanes bag, so to process spanned several film roles simultaneously
The mini-BagBoy found, for example use in sheltered workshops for the bag production as a contract packer in foil Konfektionierern with small and medium quantities as well as in clean rooms, due to its small size
The advantages at a glance
* Outstanding value for money
* Quick and easy operation
* No compressed air required
* Precise stepper motors
* Touch screen for setting all parameters (feed, number of strokes, * * * welding and cooling time, quantity)
* Compact, small size
* Change of the film
* Straight shear cut
* Welding pulse switchable
* It may be either single-lane and multi-lane film to be processed
Wherever short runs of different bag sizes to be produced at low cost (eg. Car industry, medical technology, clean room, in sheltered workshops or contract packagers)
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