2002 MSK MSK 280i shrinking
Behamberg, Austria
$24,762 USD
MSK 280i


60 pallets / hour
Roller dm:
max. 1,000 mm
80 - 180μ
Roll weight:
max. 1000 kg
Core inner-dm:
76 mm
Pallet height:
min. 300 mm / max. 1,800 mm
Pallet weight:
min. 200 kg / max. 2500 kg
Condition info:
Used machine B
Pallet material:
Ambient temperature:


Pallet height: min. 300 mm / max. 1,800 mm
Pallet Material: Wood
Pallet weight: min. 200 kg / max. 2500 kg
Power: 60 pallets / hour
Film dimensions
Thickness: 80 - 180μ
Roller DM: max. 1,000 mm
Core inner-DM: 76 mm
Roll weight: max. 1000 kg
Ambient temperature: Hall
Technical Specifications
50Hz / kW
The machine is a fully automatic shrink wrapping machine for pallets in different dimensions
Available is also a conveyor belt in the shrinking area
Condition "B"
Price: € for the system as it is
The price does not supply or installation costs are included
Plus € to cover the repairs of parts tlw new
Transport from Vicenca the current location - allocation of actual expenditures
Installation - initially as a guideline - depending on whether someone can help with, or to recognize which control effort is - €
What information we need from you
Min / max dimensions of the product
Desired Performance Pack / hour
An image of the products
An image of the pallet type being processed - Dimensions to
A description of the conveyor system where the pallets arrive
Narrow width
Which head
What comes after the shrink wrapping machine - the customer conveyor system in place?
Security - muting system - the customer needs that? - Guard - because what is needed?
Other conditions we clarify upon request
Our goods are at stock and can always be inspected
Transport and installation on request
(Modifications and errors, base our Conditions of Use)
Purchase / Sale
We are looking for and continuously provide equipment from the packaging industry
You'll also need: reprocessing and conversions including controllers are available after request
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