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Mettler Toledo TC 15 Thermal
Borken, Germany
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TC 15


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Hеre we offer you a Mettler Toledo thermal analysis controller. Consisting of: Mettler Toledo TC15 Thermaoanalyse controller functions TGA measurements from -170 to 600 C Ease of use robust execution Description: The METTLER TOLEDO TC15 TA controller (thermal analysis) allows TGA measurements from -170 to 600 C. The test parameters on the PC set and sent to the TC15 where the segments of the temperature program should be monitored. During the measurement, the data is sent to the PC to an on-line curve presented in the Modulsteürfenster. Mettler Toledo measuring cell DSC 20 Temperature: range from room temperature to 600 C - with freezer at -20 C Repeatability 0.2 C heating rate 0 ... 100 C / min cooling rate - unregulated from 600 to 100 C in 15 min - regulated 20 C / min to 200 C 10 C / min to 100 C coolant air (fan) The equipment is supplied with a PC STARe Software v8.1 including monitor, mouse and keyboard. Contents: (See pictures) We ship via Express shipping / express shipping (DHL, UPS, TNT) More questions we will be happy to answer the phone for you. Written about possible via email or fax