2016 AcquaDragon Irrigation Centre Pivot
Blowhard, Australia
$31,267 USD
Centre Pivot 235 metre


10 years on all steel, 5 years on gearboxes, 2 years on everything else.
Item condition:
Agriculture equipment in Australia
Subcategory 2:
Irrigation equipment


Come and see us at Agquip
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Talk to us about your needs and even see some local pivots ready for erection.
Get your 100% irrigation tax right off now regardless of how much you spend!!
The Aussie dollar is now falling so our prices are starting to rise. Don't miss out on our great prices. They will rise as the dollar falls....
Farmers are starting to see the quality, value and service we provide. Why pay twice the price for a US branded unit which comes from the same factory anyway?
Centre Pivot Irrigators, Lateral, and Lateral/Pivot combinations. Up to 800 metre with all Nelson or Senninger guns and sprinklers. Valley or Lindsay style spans and drives.
Brand new dered Australia wide. Top quality from our large manufacturing partners with over 15 years pivot experience with over 600 units sold p/a. We have a wide range of sizes from 70 - 800 metres, pivot or lateral. Currently we have 13 units around the country with another 8 ordered for the next few months.
A comprehensive suite of accessories like gensets, mainline, pumps, advanced radio controls, shutoff valves,sprinkler and regulator packs, etc are available at genuine value prices.
Contact us for heaps of information. Units are available for demonstration in Victoria.
The photos are of a 145metre lateral at Corryong, a 103metre and 2 x 250 metre centre pivot at Colac and a 500metre centre pivot at Narromine.
The 250 metre pivots at Colac have 5.5 kw booster pumps with Nelson SR100 "Big Gun" to allow an extra 40 metres of watering area in a rectangular paddock. The drop down gun mount cuts the wind affect of boom mounted guns and makes adjustment or repair far easier.
Complete units can be dered in open top containers to be lifted out in bundles like in the photo. Everything packed together neatly ready for construction.
The photos right at the end are from the factory in China, Extra-height pivots in Mali (Africa) for sugarcane, and lateral machines in Senegal (Africa) for corn production.
We also have a range of hard hose reel irrigators from 50-300m length. Our supplier builds over 800 per year! There area few pictures in there. The offer the same quality and low price as the pivots.
Our partner company is also the largest supplier of wood heaters in Australia. They are the manufacturer of our famous "wheat heater" grain and wood pellet burning multi-fuel heaters. There is a couple of pictures in the camera roll before the foreign unit photos.