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1350mm Twin-Roll Aluminum Continuous Strip
Roxboro, NC, USA
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Stock number:
Castal / 2007
Casting speed:
1050 alloy=1.5mton/hr achieved 3003 alloy= 900 kg/hr achieved
Equipment- tips:
2 sets of tip tables included Electric tip bake-out oven Material for 30 hard and 20 soft tips included
Cast strip width:
1350mm max / 53.15"
Equipment- drive:
Siemens DC motor Single drive type Flender gearboxes
Equipment- rolls:
2 pairs included 660mm diam x 1450mm face Akers internal H2O cooled type Bottom shell ea. set = cracked Cores = perfect condition Chocks & bearings included
Equipment- shear:
Hydraulic traveling type Fully automatic Limit switch control
Equipment- recoiler:
Hydraulic action Coil push-off Coil car
Cast strip thickness:
Maximum: 12.0mm / .472" Minimum: 4.2mm / .165" (4.2mm achieved by plant)
Caster configuration:
Horizontal, 15 degree tilt
Equipment- cylinders:
Hydraulic tilting type
Equipment- edge trimmer:
Not installed but there is space to install a system
Equipment- spectrometer:
Arun type design, 24 channels
Equipment- strip feeder:
Feeds strip into coiler
Equipment- heat exchanger:
Alfa Laval water cooling syste Maintains roll skin temp at 80-85 degrees
Equipment- pinch roll stand:
Hydraulic Siemens DC motor Flender gearbox
Equipment- electrics and controls:
Siemens PLC and SCADA system Central control for all system Drawings included
Equipment- two melting/holding furnaces:
12 mton tilting type Scrap charge car
Equipment- uninterruptible power supply:
GE system