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Heraeus UT 6120 bis 300
Borken, Germany
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UT 6120 bis 300 °C


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Hеre we offer a Heraeus heat and drying cabinet. HERAEUS heat and TROCKENSCHRAeNK to 300 C PROCESS CONTROL: Throttle valve for smooth adjustment of air deriving saturated air in drying change the air exchange rate TEMPERATURE CONTROL Kelvitron microprocessor temperature controller accurate in reference or feedback D / PID control digital display for rapid heating, minimum Overshoot and low deviation Ease of use damp proofing membrane keypad interface RS 232 for Kelvitron (mounted on rear of unit) available as an accessory documentation of current temperature software !! About TEMPERATURE PROTECTION temperature Wählbegrenzer protection class 2, regardless of the temperature control device, the machine speed controller for air circulation fan speed switches at individually adjusted limit temperature protection for personnel, sample, Environment and device FAN OPERATION infinitely adjustable (20 100%) Recirculation fan switched off air speed can be adapted to the requirements, for example, for drying powders Digital weekly program timer with digital time display for free programming or basic program, for example, A clock at 6:00 and off at 22.00 clock Shortest switching interval: 10 min 16 hrs standby in case of power failure interior volume 94 liters External dimensions:. 770 mm depth with door handle and motor width 1075 mm with motor protection switch Height 69 [...Technical data truncated]