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COSTA MA Deburring and Finishing
Warren, MI, USA


Ma series:
Deburring + Finishing Machines
Metal fabrication


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MA Series : Deburring + Finishing Machines
All in one deburring-finishing systems for processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This series of working centers is available with moving table for stand-alone processes or constant height table for in-line operations, or for processing large workpieces. These machines are aavailable in 1150 or 1350mm width. Thanks to their modular concept, these working centers can be customized according to the individual customer need, through a specific selection of the working units for each type of work to be performed. The frame is engineered to hold from 2 through 4 internal working units, and one external unit. The high structural rigidity of the frame as well as the feed bed combined with high-tech mechanics and electronics, make this series the perfect working center for your operation.
Costa machines are adaptable to a broad range of shapes and materials
Edge rounding and oxide removal only versus entire surface grinding
Parts processed on Costa Machinery
The machine opens up to 6" for plate or profiles!
Easily process small parts with the vacuum bed
Vacuum bed to hold
parts down to 4" x 4"