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Rotoclean Sideros Descaling and Deburring
Warren, MI, USA
2,200 lbs.


2,200 lbs.
The finished product:
cleaned, descaled and deburred.
2,200 lb capacity, model:
Metal fabrication


New Sideros Tumbler
2,200 lb Capacity, Model: Rotoclean
ROTOCLEAN Machines for the deburring and descaling of small/average-sized workpieces UP TO 13" X 40" . These machines feature a sturdy self-supporting frame and a hexagonal drum with a horizontal rubber-coated axle. This rubber coating is 40 mm thick and vulcanized on sheet metal plates to be bolted, thus presenting an extraordinary resistance to wear and tear.
The principle of its functioning combines simplicity and efficiency: the workpieces to be processed are inserted into the hexagonal drum, where they are subjected to sliding and tilting. Both operations, combined with a finishing process made possible by the presence of manganese spheres of different diameters in the tank, permit a homogeneous high quality cleaning of all the surfaces.
ROTOCLEAN drums for deburring are equipped with a safety protection, which totally embeds the rotary cylinder, thus preserving the operator from any hazardous contact with the machine. The access door to the drum consists of a door equipped with hydro-pneumatic cylinders which make the opening and closure easier.
is a descaling and deburring tumbler specially designed to quickly and inexpensively descale and deburr the calamine and rust from oxy cut and plasma cut pieces
Compact, silent and safe, ROTOCLEAN is equipped with a cylindrical protection which totally encloses the rotating barrel, thus preventing any casual contact of the operator with the machine during work. Another important advantage: they protect the workplace from air and noise pollution.
Before and After:
Manganese balls used for descaling and deburring
The finished product: cleaned, descaled and deburred.
Rotoclean rotary drums can be supplied with a suction and filtration system, able to eliminate all particles generated by the processing cycle, plus a sound-absorbing cabin for a further reduction of the noise level.