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GEKA Hydrocrop 80SD Ironworker, Capacity
Warren, MI, USA
Hydrocrop 80SD
5 x 5 x 1 / 2"


5 x 5 x 1 / 2"
208-250v 3 phase:
80 amp service at the machine
440-500v 3 phase:
40 amp service at the machine
Volume of reservoir:
26 gallons.
Subcategory 2:
Metal fabrication


Machine Frame:
Built with a Mono Block ideal on Top of the line CNC Machining and Turning centers
using state of the art CADCAM software. All machining is done by Maquinaria GEKA
S.A. with quality European Steel.
Hydraulic System:
Built using quality components including, Vickers Directional Valves and, ABB motors.
Electrical System:
Built using quality components known the world over.
Heat Treatment:
All Heat Treatment of blades and other accessories are done in house.
Electrical Requirements:
208-250V 3 Phase: 80 amp service at the machine
440-500V 3 Phase: 40 amp service at the machine
12 Horse Power Motor
Oil Requirements:
The machine comes with oil. Replacement oil is ISO-46 non-detergent.
Volume of Reservoir: 26 gallons.
Section shear blades for angles with patented non-deform cutting
action with capability of cutting equal and unequal leg angles
at both 90 degree and 45 degree (leg in only)
Bar shear blades for 3" 4.1 pound and 4" 5.4 pound channel and
blades for round and square bar with openings for 1-3/16", 1",
3/4" and 9/16" round bar and 1-3/16", 1" and 9/16" square bar.
Off-Set Punch and Die Holder
Flat bar blades (non-deform)
Rectangular coper (triangular notcher optional)
Two-cylinder operation with two remote foot pedals and with hydraulics
which will allow simultaneous operation (independently controlled) of punch
and shearing stations (both cylinders) to the total operating tonnage of machine
Quick-change punch holder, keyed for shaped tooling
Support and mitre table for plate shear
Phase 60HZ 220V/440V motor and controls. Low voltage at the controls.
A structural die holder is provided to allow the punching of the flanges in
channels and I-beams.
The Productivity Package consists of the following:
A Machined Punch Gauging Table consisting of X-Y scales and backstop.
A Machined Notcher Gauging Table consisting of X-Y scales and backstop.
A Magnetic Work light with 2 spare Halogen bulbs. 40” Calibrated Electric
Length Gauge to alllow the operator to set the stop and feed material
to the stop and have shear side of machine cycle automatically.
A Start Set of Punches and Dies in the following sizes.
5/16”, 7/16”, 9/16,” 5/8”, 11/16”, 3/4”, 13/16”, 7/8”, 15/16”, 1-1/16” with matching die with clearance of 1/32”.