Top Seller
WDM B-3.5-48 Initial Pinch Sheet
Warren, MI, USA
14 ga x 48"
950 lbs.


2 HP, 230/460, 3-phase, 60 hertz electrics
14 ga x 48"
Rolling speed:
0-16 FPM
Capacity rating:
14 ga. x 4’ mild steel
Shipping weight:
950 lbs.
Top roll diameter:
3.5”, 1045 steel rolls
Electrics enclosures:
12 NEMA, NFPA 79 specifications
Metal fabrication


New WDM Initial Pinch Sheet and Plate Bending Roll
Capacity: 14 gauge x 4', Model B-3.5-48
Capacity rating: 14 ga. x 4’ mild steel
Top Roll Diameter: 3.5”, 1045 steel rolls
Rolling speed: 0-16 FPM
Electrics enclosures: 12 NEMA, NFPA 79 specifications
Motor: 2 HP, 230/460, 3-phase, 60 hertz electrics
Shipping weight: 950 lbs.
Heavy welded steel frame
All slides accurately machined
Rolls accurately machined from medium carbon steel
Rolls are crowned to compensate for deflection under forming load
Bearing cases machined from hardened alloy die steel
Pinch rolls adjusted by dual hand wheels via a hardened screw and hardened wedge system
Bending roll adjusted by hand wheel on end frame
Bending roll position indicated by an accurate scale pointer system
Bending roll adjusting mechanism consists of hardened steel worm and bronze worm gear running on a hardened steel screw
Rolls are driven by a unique hydraulic motor, pump, valve arrangement providing instant start, stop and reverse
Highly efficient American built hydraulic motor, pump and valves
Power transmitted from low speed high torque hydraulic motor to rolls by a heavy spur hear drive train running on sealed ball bearings
Pinch and top roll rotation powered
Roll rotation forward and reverse, controlled by dual guarded foot pedal (main motor only runs when pedal is depressed)
Industrial style safety cable switch with adjusting winch and reset button
Top roll swings forward to remove finished tube/work piece
All gear drive
Sealed ball & roller bearings on all rolls and idler gears
Unique high torque hydraulic drive system
High quality American made hydraulic components
Independent adjustment on pinch roll via a hand wheel/wedge arrangement
Alloy steel bearing cases and wedges
Bending roll adjusted with hand wheel via bronze worm gear/alloy steel screw arrangement, tiltable for cone rolling
Instant start, stop and reverse via guarded foot pedal
Safety cable on three sides of machine, front, rear and end
Swing out top roll for easy work piece removal
Starting groove in pinch roll to facilitate rapid workpiece prebending and rolling
Stainless steel scale and pointer to show bending roll position
Haze gray epoxy and safety blue enamel finish
Entire machine built in Liberty, KY using purchased parts from American or world wide suppliers