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HYD-MECH H-10A Horizontal Bandsaw, Automatic,
Warren, MI, USA
Hyd-Mech saws
240 or 480 v. (other voltages require transformer not supplied)
3,500 lbs.


10" x 10"
Metal Fabrication
4,000 lbs.
Blade size:
1 ¼” x 12’6”
Blade drive:
5 Hp
Blade speed:
50-350 SFM
Table height:
Motor voltage:
240 or 480 v. (other voltages require transformer not supplied)
Machine weight:
3,500 lbs.
Shuttle stroke:
0-24” Multi-Indexing
Hydraulic drive:
1 Hp, 600 PSI
Band wheel diameter:
Coolant tank capacity:
15 US gal.
Dimensions (w x l x h):
83” x 68” x 67”
Hydraulic tank capacity:
4 US gal.


New Hyd-Mech Automatic Dual Post Horizontal Band Saw
Model H-10A
Capacity Rectangular (h x w) Round Square
90º 10” x 10” 10” 10”
Blade Size 1 ¼” x 12’6”
Blade Drive 5 Hp
Blade Speed 50-350 SFM
Band Wheel Diameter 16”
Motor Voltage 240 or 480 v. (other voltages require transformer not supplied)
Hydraulic Drive 1 Hp, 600 PSI
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 4 US gal.
Coolant Tank Capacity 15 US gal.
Shuttle Stroke 0-24” Multi-Indexing
Machine Weight 3,500 lbs.
Workload 4,000 lbs.
Dimensions (w x l x h) 83” x 68” x 67”
Table Height 31”
Machine Base The machine base is designed and produced with electro-welded steel components for maximum rigidity and support. Part of the main construction is a protective cover over the main cutting components, leaving only the vise area exposed. A chip removal auger, leveling bolts and 6.6 US gallon coolant tank are built into the base.
VFD Motor Heavy Duty 5 Hp motor with a A/C inverter provides infinitely variable band speed allowing for efficient cutting of various applications.
Shuttle Feed A roller in feed table and linear bearing mounted shuttle vise assembly provide high speed material indexing of up to 24” in a single movement with length accuracy of .005” per stroke. Driven by a Stepper Motor controlled Ball Screw assembly providing very quick and accurate cut lengths.
Split Front Vise Provides material clamping on both sides of the blade and resulting in short material remnant length during automatic operation .
Blade Wheels High quality cast iron wheels with heavy-duty wheel & gearbox shaft bearings.
Guide Arms Heavy duty, cast iron guide arms. The idler side guide arm is mechanically connected to the front vise moveable jaw, moving in tandem with the opening and closing of the vise. This provides proper positioning of the guide arm spacing, in relation to material width, at all times.
Blade Guides Replaceable carbide insert guides housed in two heavy duty cast iron guide arms provide cut accuracy of + / - .002” per linear inch of material and excellent vibration dampening.
Powered Blade Brush Driven off the blade drive wheel the 3” blade brush keeps the blade gullets clean, helping to maximize blade performance and life.
Blade Tensioning Manual Mechanical tensioning assembly allows for quick and simple blade changing. A LED display on the control console provides readout for proper tension setting.
Work Light A halogen work light provides substantial lighting over work piece / cutting area.
Coolant System A pump delivers ample coolant flow through carbide faced and nozzle guides. Flow valves are present for coolant quantity adjustment. A wash down hose with spray gun is also mounted on the machine.
Hydraulic System A 3-position directional valve controls vises and head up/down. The hydraulic motor, pump, tank, and manifold are located in a conveniently accessed area.
Positive Down Feed System Provides easy adjustment of both head feed rate and cutting press