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FRIGGI SU 630 TS Vertical
Warren, MI, USA
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SU 630 TS
2.1 - 3 Hp ( 1.5/2.2 Kw)


22” (600 mm)
15 " x 22"
Metal Fabrication
Blade speed:
50 – 3190 sfm (15 ÷ 970 m/min)
Main supply:
480 V – 60 Hz
Cutting height:
15” (400 mm)
Installed power:
5Hp (3.5 Kw)
Blade dimensions:
185” x 0.1”-1” (4700 x 3-27 mm)
Blade motor power:
2.1 - 3 Hp ( 1.5/2.2 Kw)
Overall dimensions:
Wheels diameter (Ø):
2 x 24” (2 x 630 mm)
Working table height:
59” (1500 mm)
Working table stroke:
26” (700 mm)
Working table dimensions:
33” x 45” (850 x 1150 mm)
Available adjustment includes:
Table feed
Hydraulic power pack motor power:
2 Hp (1.5 Kw)


The SU 630 TS is a Vertical Band Sawing Machine with a sliding Table , engineered to efficiently and quickly cut Ferrous and Light Alloy material. The main feature is the moving Table determining the cutting action, while the material remains stable in place.
Technical Data
Throat 22” (600 mm)
Cutting height 15” (400 mm)
Wheels Diameter (Ø) 2 x 24” (2 x 630 mm)
Working table stroke 26” (700 mm)
Working table dimensions 33” x 45” (850 x 1150 mm)
Blade Dimensions 185” x 0.1”-1” (4700 x 3-27 mm)
Blade speed 50 – 3190 sfm (15 ÷ 970 m/min)
Blade motor power 2.1 - 3 Hp ( 1.5/2.2 Kw)
Hydraulic power pack motor power 2 Hp (1.5 Kw)
Installed power 5Hp (3.5 Kw)
Main supply 480 V – 60 Hz
Overall dimensions Width
Working table height 59” (1500 mm)
86” (2200 mm)
93” (2350 mm)
50” (1255mm)
Weight Kg 900 2000 lbs.
Technical features are only for guidance. FRIGGI SRL reserves the right to modify these data at any time without notice
Machine Equipment and Features
1. Reinforced Robust Steel Base
The one piece steel base is the Main Support for entire machine, includes leveling and support bolts.
Guides for the Traveling Table are mounted onto the Steel Base
2. Heavy Duty Sawing Unit and Head Assembly
Bandsaw rotation is achieved by a belt and a pulley via a mechanical double speed gear-box.
Head assembly includes two (2), Band wheels
Blade tensioning is achieved by means of a manual flywheel
Band wheels are easily accessible behind protective sturdy panels, each having safety limit switches preventing the running of the machine when panels are open
Bandsaw speed is adjustable by means of a manual flywheel and the obtained value is visualized on a digital display mounted on the column.
3. Table
The heavy duty Work Table has been machined to provide a smooth surface
An Edge is located on the table (perpendicular to the cutting line) providing a limit for the material
The Table moves along ball bearing guides, controlled by a Hydraulic cylinder
A hydraulic adjuster enables the adjustment of the table speed.
4. Guide Arms
Equipped with Two (2) Guide arms
One Guide Arm is fixed in place, while the other moves by means of a manual flywheel
5. Flood Coolant System
Coolant tank is located inside the machine base, The coolant is dispersed by means of a submergible coolant pump delivering coolant directly onto the blade through the Guide Arms
Coolant pump automatically starts with the Blade start
6. Hydraulic System
Consisting of a power pack
Available adjustment includes: Table feed
7. Electrical System
Constructed in accordance with the European current safety regulations (EN60204-1)
All electrical connections on the machine are inside connector blocks on a terminal board that can be inspected
Purchaser is responsible for any necessary foundation preparation and installation of proper electrical cable from the power source to the machine.
External interference: The purchaser should check and advise before the issuance of a purchase order for any possi