1981 TRAUB TNA 80 F
Giessen, Germany
Traub lathes
TNA 80 F


Stock number:
Subcategory 2:
CNC lathes 450-499mm turning diameter
Subcategory 3:
CNC Lathe 485 x 440 mm
Condition info:
Used machine good condition


For sale comes from a production change a used, good condition Traub TNA-80-F CNC lathe delivery: 1x Traub CNC lathe ready extensive technical documentation in German 1x collet chuck with various collets Specifications: Controller: TX7 Year: 1981 Collet chuck 155 mm swing - over bed slide: 485 mm circulating over cross slide guide: 375 mm chuck diameter: Spindle head: Gr. 6 DIN 55021 Rod diameter: 80 mm slide travel longitudinal: 440 mm Slide travel plan: 220 mm spindle diameter in the camps: 110 mm tool carrier: Number of tools: 16 Tool holder external tools: direct recording 25x25 or according to VDI 3425, Shank 40 inner tools: according to VDI 3425, Shaft 40 Switching time: 0.6 s (1 station) 1.4 s (8 stations) feeding drive: Rapid: 10,000 mm / min per axis feed: up to 4000 mm / min feed force: X axis: 6.000 N / A axis 12000 N Main power: 27 kW / 16-4000 U / min continuously programmable space lxwxh: 2800 x 1800 x 2000 mm Weight: 4100 kg following defects are known: the battery is empty (defective) program must be filled with new accordingly