Atlanta, GA
Liebherr cranes
150 tons


150 tons
Line speed:
0 - 360 fpm
Drive speed:
0 – 0.7 mph
Drum diameter:
Rope diameter:
36 mm
Condition info:
Drum diameter 2:
Wire rope length:
Wire rope diameter:
14 mm
Line speed 1st gear:
0 - 180 ft/min
Line speed 2nd gear:
0 - 505 ft/min
Line pull (effective):
66,100 lbs.
Line pull (effective) 2:
3,3 ton
Rope capacity 1st layer:
152 ft
Continuous line pull min:
375 lbs.
Capacity in max. 4 layers:
651 ft


Machine Upperstructure
Liebherr/Mercedes diesel engine V-12
894 HP
(2) Main winch
33 ton with free fall
, 2-speed. Compact design with internal, 2-speed planetary gear box, spring loaded and hydraulically released multi-disc holding brake, axial piston type hydraulic motor with variable displacement adjusts maximum hoisting speed depending on load, under utilization of full engine power. When the load is lowered the closed hydraulic circuit transfers back braking energy into drive train. When free-fall mode is selected the load is held or lowered by a wet multi-disc brake.
Winch contact roll consisting of a roller that is pressed to the drum with a spring, assuring correct winding on the drum on both main drums.
Winch synchronization option allows a synchronization of both winches. The line speed is the same for both winches.
Roller bearing slew ring with external teeth.
Dual swing drives.
Swing speed from 0-3.6 rpm variable with 3-speed ranges.
Automatic central lubrication of swing ring
Shut down control in operators cab, and both sides of machinery compartments
Litronic Interlock Dragline Control
Litronic LML (Load Moment Limiter)
Litronic emergency operation control
Simplex fire suppression system in machinery house
Large screen readout of all functions
Ramping adjustment of controls
Free float or power swing control
Swing and travel alarms
Programmable throttle control
Foot controlled travel function
Complete Liebherr integrated diagnostic system
71,700 lbs. Upperstructure counterweight
15,400 lbs. Upperstructure counterweight & 7,700 lbs. lower works counterweight for maximum liftcrane rating – 150-US Ton. (Added: 2012)
Machine Lowerworks
All welded torsion resistant construction substructure consisting of carbody and two long B9 crawlers.
Crawlers are maintenance free tractor type chain, robust 39” flat crawler pads, welded construction, mounted with bolts. Flat pads assure maximum ground protection when travelling and turning the machine.
Crawlers are quickly retractable from operation width to transportation width with 2 hydraulic cylinders operated by 2 hand levers on the carbody. Two independent axial piston hydraulic motors, spring loaded and hydraulically released multi-disc holding brake, and planetary gearbox.
Crawler speed is continuously variable in both directions, each crawler with independent control so that counter rotation is possible.
For quick and clean assembly/disassembly of the crawlers the hydraulic lines are equipped with quick connections
Boom Attachment
Boom A-frame, can be lowered to the front on the boom foot for transportation.
Hydraulic boom stops – with hyd. Connections on outside
Tubular 13 ft. boom foot, made of high-strength steel, incl. pins and pendants for quick and easy assembly.
Tubular 21 ft. transitional head section made of high-strength steel, incl. pins and pendants for quick and easy assembly.
8.6 ft. boom head, made of high strength steel, with single shaft 2 sheave and two rope fixing points, fo