Mettingen, Germany
$4,294 USD
Del Morino
Profimulcher V2700


Working width:
2.70 m


Senior - Shredder made by Del Morino in Italy which produce since 1875 professional agricultural implements in-house production.
As already announced in our Internet blog, this device was presented at the Eima in Bologna, as well as the Sima in Paris of Del Morino as completely new development and is now available now with us.
In addition to the known excellent Processing and quality of traditional Italian manufacturer, offers this Mulcher by many excellent detailed solutions that simplify work in the professional segment.
With a working width of 2,700 mm, the mulcher for tractors is from a tractor power of 75 hp.
Driven by tractor PTO standard with 540 u / min.
Heavy cast gearbox with integrated freewheel. Attachment to the rear - three point Kat II or III..
Gear "off-center" (165 cm to the right, to the left / Look to the 105 from the rear of the tractor and mower) grown and also hydr.
displaced with a displacement of 20 cm on each side.
The body of the mulcher is made double-walled in the region of shit dream.
In addition, a large ejection flap ensures that even very coarse or Good e.g.
Corn stubble are crushed and ejected without any problems.
With the flip closed, the cut material is very finely mulched and pushed by the big Nivelierwalze directly in the Grass scar.
In addition, then make 15 pieces interchangeable shearbars (height adjustable by spring pin and hole pattern) for that is even more finely mulched the good and avoid clogging of the cutting room will.
The flail shaft is equipped with 1,200 gr heavy hammer flails which are specially hardened and a very good average image result from the horizontal and overlapping arranged cutting edges.
In addition, by the severity of Schlegel is such clout exists that also material like branches are crushed to 5 cm in diameter.
The Schlegel are freely suspended in thick Brackets (see photo).
The drive is provided laterally with 4 pieces of standard - V-belt with the belt tension can be easily adjusted from the outside.
It is not necessary to dismantle the belt box or raise the gearbox including shaft (as is necessary common in other brands), but a built-in belt box platen roller can easily set screw be regulated, what a huge time saver.
The cutting height is adjusted via the Nivelierwalze in one operation together with the side skids.
The quality - bearing the flail shaft and the Nivelierwalze are easily accessible.
The weight of the mulcher is 770 kg.
Delivery incl. Articulated shaft.