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Naphtha Hydrotreating and Reforming Unit
Perth Amboy, NJ


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The naphtha ultrafiner / ultraformer unit is designed to convert naptha to a high octane reformate, for use as gasoline base stock, hydrogen and LPG. The ultrafiner removes sulphur from the feed to produce the sweet naphtha charge required by the ultraformer, which then reforms the naphtha to produce high octane material. Both processes are catalytic and operate at a hydrogen concentration to prevent coke forming on the catalyst beds. The feed stream from the pump discharge is combined with make-up hydrogen from the ultraformer and preheated by exchange against ultrafiner rector effluent before entering the ultrafiner reactor charge furnace. From the furnace the stream passes downwards through the catalyst in the ultrafiner reactor where the sulphur compounds in the naphtha are converted to H2S. The ultraformer charge is combined with hot recycle gas and heated in the ultraformer feed/effluent exchanger, before passing to the ultraformer reactor preheat furnace.
Major Equipment
Ultrafiner reactor
Ultraformer reactor
Ultrafiner effluent separator
Ultraformer high pressure separator
Stripper tower
Debutaniser tower
Ultraformer recycle compressor
Debutaniser condenser
Ultrafiner reactor effluent condenser
Stripper overhead condenser
Ultraformer reactor effluent condenser
Reactor cooler
Debutanizer bottoms cooler
Stripper overhead receiver
Debutanizer overhead receiver
Chlorination injection drum
High octane reformate, for use as gasoline base stock, hydrogen and LPG.