2015 PRIME TECH PT175 in Bangholme, Australia

Bangholme, Australia
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Forestry equipment


PT175 The new PT-175 features the same technology and components as the other models of the PrimeTech range (the 275 hp PT-300, the 415 hp PT-400 and the powerful 600 hp PT-600). It encompasses a series of improved features and solutions that turn it into an even more advanced vehicle.Main components ENGINE: Cummins QSB4.5 with 160 hp and 4 in-line cylinders. HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT: Sauer Danfoss components with 100 cc mulcher pump. UNDERCARRIAGE: Berco MF 200, available in the STD version (with 500 mm wide track shoes) and LGP version (with 700 mm wide track shoes), both featuring an extremely low ground pressure.Moreover, it only takes a few hours of work to switch from STD to LGP and vice versa. FORESTRY MULCHER: FAE 140/U available in three different widths:- model 140/U-140 (and 1465 mm working width)- model 140/U-175 (and 1820 mm working width)- model 140/U-200 (and 2060 mm working width)Cutting-edge technology and easy access to all componentsPerfect accessibility to the machine and its components, both for daily checks and for more thorough maintenance interventions, its an advantage that only PT-175 can offer, as it is the only vehicle on the market with the following features: a hood that opens completely and tilting cabin driven by an electric pump, which allows inspecting all components in the engine compartment and beneath the cabin hinged side doors that can be effortlessly opened for daily maintenance of the vehicle rear winch and hinged radiator guards that can be opened for quicker and easier radiator cleaning.Extreme comfort PT-175 allows for perfect control and manoeuvrability thanks to the vehicles optimal balancing, ideal weight distribution, reduced dimensions and low centre of gravity. The roomy, soundproof driving cabin features excellent operating visibility coupled with a minimal level of perceived vibrations. The functions and controls are clear and easy to use. Fields of applicationPT-175 is designed to perform light to medium duty work in the forestry sector. One of its strong points lies in its dimensions, which enables it to work on sites with width restrictions (? 1750 mm). PT-175 is mainly used for vegetation management, for cleaning undergrowth, cutting and eliminating bushes and shrubs and for cutting seismic lines.