Metzingen, Germany
HS 1 - 350


Power (kw):
Taper (iso/mt):
Drilling-Ø (mm):
Table length (mm):
DeepHole Drill w.driven Tailstock, Coolant
Deep hole drills


Horizontal Single - Spindle Deep Hole Drill ( ELB-procedure)
Model HS 1 - 350
Year 1989 * # 11.05043.022
Bore- - full boring approx.. 1 – 6 mm
Bore- - core drill approx. 10 mm
Boring depth 350 mm
height of centre above table 170 mm
Fitting length between centre-sleeve and fixed bore bushing 500 mm
Fitting length between tailstock and fixed bore bushing 450 mm
Max. stroke of spindle sleeve approx 450 mm
Stroke of tailstock clamping sleeve 40 mm
Tailstock adjustment on the table 450 mm
Table size approx. 400 x 680 mm
Boring feed infinitely variable 20 – 850 mm/min. (!)
Rapid gear 7.000 mm/min
Speed of spindle infinitely variable 5.000 – 12.000 – 24.000 rpm (!)
Workspindle drive approx. 4 kW * Total electrical load approx. 15 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Weight 3.500 kg * Space requirements approx. 5.000 x 1.200 x 2.200 mm
Accessories/Special Features:
· The high-frequency borespindle is located in a rectangular main sleeve which executes
the bore feed and the quick reverse feed. This allows for working with much higher feeds and rapid speeds.
In addition the distances of the tool are much shorter and therefore more economical for small boring areas
The HF-spindle is a GMN spindle Model TSSV 120 S oilcooled, activated by REFU controls
· Hydr. workpiece- clamping tail stock is motorized approx..0,8 kW, stroke approx. 40 mm,
spindle sleeve speed max. 360 rpm. longitudinal adjustment on the table approx. 450 mm
· Large oil cooling system for boring is mounted on the machine with a high pressure pump approx. 100 bar 5,5 kW capacity, tank volume approx. 250 liters including circulation pump, and also with band filter-
aggregate 10 my (Vlies), swarf container,
· Control Panel including digital display of coolant pressure and active current, also displaying the spindle speed, feed and coolant temperature, potentiometer for the in-put of the infinitely adjustable speed and of the feed value.
· Bore depth/travelling distances/reverse travel are entered by keyboard with error signals
on the console, process controlled via SIEMENS S 5-100 U controls
* Complete enclosure of the machine with noise insulation including sliding doors for faster changing of work pieces and tools (collet reception)
* Various boring tools available in the small diameter range.
Condition : good to very good, can be shown in operation
Delivery : ex stock – as viewed Payment : net– after completion of contract
Further Deep Hole Machines are always available ex stock.
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