Metzingen, Germany
2 M 01-2-320


Power (kw):
Taper (iso/mt):
Drilling-Ø (mm):
Table length (mm):
Horizontal double-spindle m/c w. workpiece loading device
Deep hole drills


Horizontal Double Spindle Deep Hole Drill
Model 2 M 01-2-320 Year 1985
Machine reconditioned and modernized in 1999 by TBT Company
Drilling Ø, approx. 1 – 18 mm
Boring Ø, approx. 25 mm
Drilling depth 320 mm
Height of centres above bed / table 150 mm
Stroke of drilling slide, max., approx. 500 mm
Stroke of feed slide (linear feed) 500 mm
Distance between the two spindles 125 mm
Drilling feed / quick feed, infinitely variable 35 – 1,000 / 7,000 mm/min
Spindle speeds of FORTUNA High Speed Spindle max. 24,000 rpm (800Hz)
Total electrical load, approx. 33 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Weight, approx. 6,000 kg
Accessories / Special Features:
* Machine is at present set up for high precision drilling of injection pump parts (approx. Ø 25 x 150 mm, bore approx. 5 mm). Parts are conveyed via an inclined conveyer belt in to a 2-position alignment station where the position is checked. The parts are then conveyed automatically and in pairs via a loading portal (2 x double grippers), which is mounted at a right-angle to the machine, into the working zone where they are clamped between the drill bushing holder and the motor-driven tailstock. When work is finished, the second gripper pair carries the workpieces into a blowing-out and testing station for drill breakage. After positive assessment the parts fall into a transportation container.
* SIEMENS Model OP 17 SPC Control for cycle programming and supervision.
* 2 cooled and oil-mist lubricated FORTUNA high speed spindles, capacity approx. 2 / 3.5 kW.
* Drilling slide feed via DC motor and ball screw spindle.
* Separate drilling oil unit, approx. 1,500 litre, with various pumps and an extensive band filter cleaning system.
* Separate hydraulic unit, approx. 10 kW.
* Separate BKW Coolant Unit for cooling spindle and hydraulic oil.
* 2 separate switch and control cabinets with CE mark.
Condition : Good to very good. Machine can soon be inspected under power.
Delivery : Ex stock, as inspected.
Payment : Net, after conclusion of contract.