Metzingen, Germany
MS 50


Center distance (mm):
6-spindle CNC chucking automatic, chip conveyor, coolant device


CNC-Controlled 6-Spindle Chucking Automatic
Model MS 50
Year 1995 ser.-no. 18 101
max. chuck- normal 160 mm
max. workpiece-Ø approx. 100/150 mm
Axial slide travel longitudinal max. approx. 160 mm
Tool holder adjustment on slides 200 mm
Speed range max. with driven tools 4,5-7.000 rpm
Feed range of slides 4,5 – 7.000 mm
Rapid feed range approx. 7 m/min.
Radial slide travel X/Z 90/160 mm
Spindle speeds infinitely variable (2 motors) 35 – 3.150 rpm
Spindle drive 30/22 kW
Total electrical load approx. 50 kW - 380 V – 50 cycles
Weight approx. · INDEX – CNC – Control „multi processor“ for direct or external programming of
all tool slide movements and all help functions, all slide movements can be chosen separately
and corrected (separately), the tools can be corrected as well.
The tool corrections, zero-point adjustment and the individual change of
Tool data are possible directly on the machine. This optimizes workcycle times and productivity.
· Swing-in workpiece loading device Model WHF 125 with double sided swivelling gripper
for pick-up of parts at Outer-Ø and the finished parts at inner-Ø, (with vacuum), transport of
finished parts through sliding doors.
· 5 mounted CNC controlled radial slides ( 1.1+5.1/4.2+3.3+ 2.2) which are equipped with various
Tool holders, on position 6.2 the loading device WHF 125 is located
· 6 x FORKHARDT-hydraulic chuck Model KSH 160, like new, including jaws
· Spindle 6 is probably equipped with a workpiece orientation- and indexing device
· 6 axial slides equipped with tool holders, 2 of these have a cross adjustment for boring,
relieving turning and thread cutting, 4 of these have fixed tool holders e.g..
including burnishing tools, counterbore tools, etc.
· SANDVIK tool monitoring system Model TM 2000, for control and monitoring of tool wear.
· Complex coolant facility with band filter, high pressure pumps, oil spray filter, chip conveyor, etc.
Condition : good to very good – can soon be inspected in operation under power
Delivery : ex stock – as inspected
Payment : net – after completion of contract
We would appreciate your order. Further automatic lathes – single spindle or multi spindle -
are always on stock. Please inquire at any time.