Metzingen, Germany
RFN 10-2-800


Power (kw):
CNC camshaft milling machine, 2 spindles, 2 CNC-steadies


H E L L E R (Germany)
CNC Camshaft Milling Machine
Model RFN 10-2-800 Year 2000 Serial No. 48-44253.00
Max. measurements of workpiece : length 800 mm
diameter 450 mm
Working range of the milling units:
Longitudinal stroke: Z and W Axes 625 mm
Cross stroke: X and U Axes 115 mm
Feeds, longitudinal and cross 0 – 40 m/min
Cutting speed 150 – 400 m/min
Spindle drive, per unit 22 kW
Total electrical load, approx. 80 kW - 400 V - 50 Hz
Weight, approx. 17,000 kg
Accessories / Special Features
* The machine has 2 milling units. It is suitable for milling cam profiles and the space between lobes on camshafts. The cam profile can also be chamfered.
* SIEMENS CNC Path Control, SINUMERIK 840 D, for controlling : 2 x 4 linear axes (2 x cross slides Z, W, X and U; 2 x vice adjustment Z1and Z4; and 2 x adjustment of steady rest Z2 and Z3) as well as the 4 rotary axes (2 x spindle axes S1 and S2; and 2 workpiece axes C21 and C22) on the machine.
* 2 milling units, right and left on the cross slide, independent of each other. Automatic milling of cam profile using disc-shaped milling cutters.
* 2 workpiece vices with hydraulic clamping chucks and NC workpiece spindle drive (0.0001°). The axial positioning of the vices is program controlled.
* 2 hydraulic steady rests, Ø 30 – 90 mm, with oil/air lubrication . Axial positioning is program controlled.
* Constant cutting speed is possible because of the optimal control of the workpiece rotary feed, in accordance with the cam profile.
* Temperature feeler for the milling temperature, with appropriate correction of the axis position.
* Central lubrication. * Switch cabinet (built-on).
- Coolant equipment is not available.
Condition : Very good. Nearly new condition.
Delivery : Ex stock, as inspected.
Payment : Net, after conclusion of contract.
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