Metzingen, Germany


Gear-Ø (mm):
Axial feed (mm):
CNC spiral bevel gear grinder, FANUC Control


G L E A S O N ( USA )
CNC Grinding Machine for Spiral and Hypoid Bevel Gears
Model PHOENIX HG 200 Year 1997
Max. external Ø of workpiece 215 mm
Tooth profile, height x width 16 x 40.65 mm
No. of teeth 5 – 200
Max. tooth ratio 1 : 10
Grinding wheel Ø 51 – 190 mm
Grinding wheel speeds 1,000 – 6,000 rpm
X Axis (horizontal) 152 mm
Y Axis (vertical) 178 mm
Z Axis (slide base plate) 304 mm
Distance from middle of machine to middle of workspindle 115 mm
Axial speed 125 mm/sec
Workpiece speeds 0 – 30 rpm
Workspindle bore, conical 3 29/32 inch
Total electrical load 20 kW - 380 V – 50 Hz
Weight, approx. 10,000 kg
Accessories / Special Features:
* FANUC CNC Control, Model 150 MB, for 7 axes, with monitor and direct input. Automatic calculation of all workpiece and grinding parameters.
* Extensive coolant equipment with filter system, band filter, etc.
* Driven grinding wheel dressing device with CNC dressing control for automatic compensation of form and diameter after every dressing.
* Gear grinding is effected either in single component operation using a conical cup wheel (Gleason 30°), or with a cylindrical cup wheel. These grinding wheels can be made of CBN, or of traditional “dressable” aluminium oxide material (question of cost). Grinding with a conical grinding wheel is of advantage with regard to heat build-up and quality of tooth contact pattern. Therefore these pairs of bevel gears (for automotive industry) can be generated in high quality with consistent accuracy, economically, and with short set-up times.
Condition : Very good – machine can be inspected here under power
Delivery : Ex stock, as inspected
Payment : Net, after conclusion of contract