Metzingen, Germany


Axial feed (mm):
Gear profile rack rolling m/c for splines and gears


Hydraulically Cold Rolling Machine for Profiles / Gears
Model ROTO FLO 3225?? (there is no nameplate on the machine)
Year approx. 1975
Machine was completely reconditioned and modernized in 2005
Max. stroke of tool slide, upper/lower 760 mm
Max. length of rack, approx. 610 mm
Length of workpiece between centres, approx. 300 mm
Max. tooth width/profile width 92 mm
Max. workpiece Ø 38 mm
Hydraulic tailstock stroke on the beam 300 mm
Module range 0.3 – 1.3
Total electrical load, approx. 20 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Weight, approx. 5,000 kg
Accessories / Special Features:
* Machine was modernized in Year 2005 and retrofitted with a new MITSHUBISHI PLC Control, as well as with a new central lubrication system. The counter bracket arm was shorted to fit the workpiece.
* Pneumatic workpiece feed system by means of a feed chute with pneumatic inserter between the centres and ejector of parts into a run-out chute. Machine is at present set up for workpiece size of approx. 100 x 15 mm x Module 0.75, no. of teeth 14.
* Separate hydraulic unit, approx. 300 litres, and supporting connections between upper and lower part.
* Coolant unit, built in the machine. * Rack tools, built-in.
* Switch cabinet and control panel on the machine.
ROTO FLO machines are ideal for mass production of small gears/profiles and is a lot more economical than gear hobbing. Workpieces are clamped between centres and are profiled by means of synchronised rack tools, which rotate in opposite directions. The material is displaced, and reshaped by the increasing height of the profile in the rack tools. The profile and surface performance is optimised in the calibrating zone of the tool. Profile run-out, which is necessary when working with hobbing and shaping processes, is not required.
The machine stands out because of its extremely stable design. Tools have an operating life of between 25,000 to 100,000 workpieces, also for helical gears.
Condition : Good. Machine can be inspected here under power
Delivery : Ex stock as inspected
Payment : Net, after conclusion of contract