Ranstadt, Germany
PZ29 Benzin


Utility mowers
19.3 km / h
0.000 kg
Model 2:
PZ 29
Productive gasoline engine for large surfaces.
Engine power:
21 kW (28 HP)
Power rating:
24.67KW / 29HP
Working width:
1.52 m


Demonstration machine
And 1 x New
Brand: Husqvarna
Model: PZ 29
List price including VAT 13000.- €
Description: Productive gasoline engine for large surfaces.
Weight: 0.000 kg
Dimensions: l: 1206 mm h: 1206 mm
Speed: 19.3 km / h
Power Rating: 24.67KW / 29HP
Especially professional users from the fields of gardening and landscaping need efficient machines without wanting to forgo a long service life and ergonomics. Husqvarna has developed a new generation of zero-turn circles for this target group. The PZ series meets the highest expectations: speed and yet a perfect cutting result. The hydraulic gearbox makes the PZ mower extremely agile and combined with optimum ergonomics and comfort for a completely new mowing feeling.
"The PZ series has been developed in cooperation with professional users of zero-cross circuits. We wanted to design a mower that combines increased efficiency and minimum downtime with ergonomics and performance. We are delighted that we have achieved this goal with the new series of PZ Zero Turn Circuits, "said Heribert Wettels from Husqvarna Germany.
Two mowing decks are available
One of the secrets behind the high performance is the new optimized mow deck. The customer has the choice between the side ejection or the combination deck. Both mowers are made of high quality 4.5 mm thick steel. The blades in the sideloader mower the blade blades before they are cut. This special technique guarantees a perfect cutting result with a simultaneous high cutting speed. The combination of the 15 cm deep cutting deck, high-performance knives and optimized inserts ensures excellent cutting quality and even distribution of the cut material. The generous opening of the side ejection system allows high cutting speed even on difficult terrain. The side discharge allows the mower to be equipped with a grass catcher system; With the combination deck you can change between mulching and rear discharge by hand.
Minimum downtime
Optimum performance, that is, as little repair and service time as possible. With the plate-free tires, the steel frame construction and the huge machine parts, the PZ series is a masterpiece in terms of durability. The maintenance is also convincing with the latest state of the art. The unique open design allows easy access to the engine, hydraulics and the rest of the interior. The entire mower can be disassembled in less than 30 minutes. This means: less time for equipment maintenance, more time for mowing!
Ergonomic design
Hour-long mowing with a zero-turn mower makes comfort and ergonomics the most important criteria for user-friendliness. The fully-cushioned premium seat with comfortable padding and vibration damping ensures the best driving comfort. Other features such as the foot-operated, retractable cutting edge and the angled control lever further relieve the driver.
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