Mettingen, Germany
TPS Tuber 50 Winterdienstausstattung 41 km/h
1 h


Pto speed:
Rear tyres:
Front tyres:
Engine power:
35 kW (47 HP)
Maximum speed:
40 kph
Operating hours:
1 h
Spool valves da:
Number of reverse gears:
Number of forward speeds:
Tread depth on rear tyres:
100 %
Tread depth on front tyres:
100 %


Special Offer Early Winter Service Tractors!
Tuber 50 municipal four-wheel tractor winter equipment, cabin, circular light, hydr. Front powerlift, hydr. Snow-clearing sign and road registration.
WINTER SERVICE at 43 km / h, favorable financing and leasing conditions already starting from 144 € mtl.
Quality certificates according to ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and proven Italian Lombardini diesel engines
standard equipment
2 slices of dry coupling
8 forward and 2 reverse
Synchronized transmission
Fully hydraulic steering
Rear pinion shaft 540/1000 rpm
Rear powerlift cat
2x DW control circuit (rear)
Adjustable AHK
Dredging with adjustable track width
2 hydraulic pumps 16,2 and 39,2 I
differential lock
Plastic fender front
full cabin
Street legal documents
Engine 4 cylinder water cooled Lombardini diesel engine
Power 35.3 KW / 48 hp
Rated speed 2800 rpm
Cylinder 4
Cooling water cooled
Displacement 2199 cm³
Fuel tank 28 I
10 speed, 8 forward and 2 reverse
Coupling Two-Disc Dry Coupling
Differential lock can be activated mechanically
All-wheel drive 4- WD
Speed ​​40 km / h
Brakes on the rear wheels
Parking brake mechanical
Steering Hydraulic servo steering
Steering Type Front axle steering
Angle of impact 55 °
Hydraulic lifting device with floating position
Recording 3-point cat.1
Lifting force 900 Kg
Rear pinion shaft Standard pin shaft 1 "3/8 540 and 1000 rpm
Coupling Coupling Pull-type cable cat.CEE rotatable and height adjustable
Hydraulic pump Dual pump 16,2 and 39,2 I / min
Wheels front tires 7.50-16 "rear 12.4-24" with adjustable track width
Wenderadius Min. 2,8 m
Ground clearance 325 mm
Track width front 1200 mm rear 1150, 1250 and 1450 mm
Wheelbase 1735 mm
Width 1575 mm
Total length 3100 mm without front loader
Total height above cabin 2420 mm)
Overbrakes without
Total weight 2180 Kg with cabin and front loader / td
Driver's seat Driver's seat Horizontal and vertical adjustable elastic suspension.
Electrical system 12 V
Instruments Analog with all necessary displays
Starter key starter
Control circuit 2x DW control circuit with quick-change couplings
Full cab full cabin
Rear window can be extended by 90 ° and can be locked in the open position.
Large all-glass doors wide open, gas spring-assisted with
Security locks. Plastic roof,
Front. Heat protection glazing, Front electric windscreen wipers.
Washing system for front window, 2 exterior mirrors,
Ventilation system and heating, 4 work-
Pitcher 2 in the front and 2 in the rear of the canopy.
Sunblind, Driver's seat, dashboard with all indicators,
Analog and digital, e.g. Speedometer, tank and
Temperature display, charge indicator, u.v.m ...
Snow Removing Sign hydr. With hydr. Side adjustment to the left and right, spring mechanism, rubber duvet,
Limit switches, 2x DW hydraulic cylinder, robust mounting, powder coating,
Optionally in 1600- 1800 or 2000 mm working width
Hydraulic front