BZT PFU-S 3020-G portal milling
Leopoldshöhe, Germany
$42,413 USD
BZT machining centers
PFU-S 3020-G


Subcategory 2:
Planer-type milling M/C - double column
Subcategory 3:
portal milling machine
Milling machines


. BZT PFU-S 3020-G plasma, including frame traverse: about X = 2020 mm Y = 3010 mm and Z = 180 mm portal milling machine with: Clamping area: approximately X = 2000 mm x Y = 3000 mm spindles: Ball screw spindles in all axes X-axis: steel panel 200 x 100 mm X-axis: Ball screw 16 x 16 mm with anhetriebener mother Y-axis: Gantry Version: 2 ball screws 25 x 10 mm with driven nuts Y-axis: C-section steel with 1 x 250 x 20 + 2 x 150 x 15 mm Z-axis: 180 mm travel, tours Bosch 25 mm, suitable for HF spindles up to 12 KW Low vibration, Welded machine frame made of steel Dimensions: 3600 x 2700 x 2300 mm machine manual (All information is supplied without guarantee. Measurements can vary depending on model.) PFU3020 plasma slat table PFU xx20 plasma suction tub BZT control e-STP64.2 professional inkl.Motore 4-Axis 6.0 Amp., digital amplifiers Ethernet-control, including interference caused .. BZT CNC Software for Windows, V.5b board including 230 volt power cord and Ethernet cable included transferring module for I / O board V.5b, maximum 6 axes outputs. 2x230 volt max 6.0 amps for cooling and HF spindle ( . M3 and M7 fixed) inputs: 6xReferenz 1xWerkzeugtaster (fix assigned) In addition extensible: 6 inputs and 9 outputs 0-10 volt PWM signal for speed control of the HF spindle Handradansteürung extension for up to max.. 32 outputs and 32 inputs on Additional Services Boards connection for a BZT Expansion is before [...Technical data truncated]