BZT PFG-S 3020-Servo portal milling
Leopoldshöhe, Germany
$84,702 USD
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PFG-S 3020-Servo


Subcategory 3:
portal milling machine
Milling machines


. BZT PFG-S-3020 servo, including BZT CNC traverse Y = mm portal milling machine with: Clamping area: approximately X = 2000 mm x Y = 3600mm culvert height under Z-axis: ca. 500 mm spindles: ball screws from Bosch in all axis linear guides and carriages of Bosch X-axis: Ball screw 25 x 10 mm with driven nuts X-axis: Portal weighs more than 1 ton, extremely robust and stable Y axis gantry design, 2 ball screws 25 x 10 mm with driven nuts Y-axis: Extra stable linear guides from Bosch 35mm Solid steel construction Dimensions: 3,900 x 3,000 x 2,400 mm machine manual (.. All information provided without guarantee All dimensions can vary depending on equipment) BZT Steürpult with TFT Display Power + quilt for 10.4 "275 vacuum manifold 8 times for size xx20 TFT display overvoltage protection network side, 255V / 125A Dehn Guard / DG M TT input 1 * 2", Exit vacuum table HD 24 fields - incl. Durchfräsmatte, 1 m (Art. . No KT14175) - including 8 mm foam rubber cords, 10 m (Nr KT1193) - extremely robust - total allowance... 3000 x 2000 mm - Armored Wood - with screening, use of 8 mm seal cords possible - box size: 500 x 500 x 25 mm vacuum pump oil, 162 m / h, 4.8 kW, -. 997mbar, 50 / 60HZ including Air Filter 2 ", 380 volts The required performance of the side channel compressor or vacuum pump depends mainly on the material and the type used from the application. Note: To [...Technical data truncated]