Emlichheim, Germany
$2,113 USD
Motorschubkarre Jansen MSK-350 mit 750W Elektromotor


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Our Jansen MSK-350 engine wheelbarrow has a powerful electric motor with 750 watts and is therefore self-propelled. It will make your work much easier! The four 48V batteries allow a working time of 8 hours per battery charge. Due to the electric motor, the engine is silent, almost silent, and above all free of any exhaust gases! Because of this, it is perfect for the interior, such as stables. The engine has a forward and a reverse speed, the speed can be steplessly adjusted max. 5 km / h forward 2.5 km / h backwards. The hydraulic tilting device of the lawn ensures a comfortable unloading. The load volume is 350 l, the maximum payload is 500 kg. Compare our products with competitive products! They will not find anything comparable. We not only developed these devices ourselves but also offered them a competent service master workshop and the spare parts supply. We usually have every part in stock. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. With us you speak with expert people and not with "call center agents"! We have built almost every article in an exhibition hall ready for operation. You are welcome to try it! Technical data: Electric motor: 750W 48V Battery: 4 pieces 12V40Ah Load capacity: max. 500 kg Loading volume: 350 l Drive trough: hydraulic Hydraulic oil: HLP46, approx. 4 l Speed: max. 5 kmh forward, 2,5 kmh backwards Total weight dry: 275 kg Dimensions: 168x82x105 cm LxWxH Dimensions Packing: 160x90x84 cm LxWxH Operating time per battery charge: approx. 8 hrs Charging time: 8 hrs Remark: The device is well packaged and partly assembled in A steel frame. For the final assembly you should be scheduled about 3-4 hours. Included is a German manual, as well as some explosion drawings. The structure does not present a problem. If you still need assistance, we are at your disposal. You will need about 4 liters of hydraulic oil to fill the unit for the first time. Optimal is a hydraulic oil of the classification HLP46 which is everywhere available.