2014 MARTIN SPEED 20-10 Spray

2014 MARTIN SPEED 20-10 Spray Table in Stötten, Germany

Stötten, Germany
$8,254 USD
SPEED 20-10


SPEED 20/10
Subcategory 2:
Spray Table
Condition info:


Spray Tablе with Paper Transport – “Spray without masking “
Modell: SPEED 20/10
The spray table allows the coating and also other treatments of surfaces without masking the bottom of the work piece
By abstaining from the masking, it´s possible to produce significantly more efficiently
For coating the work piece is placed on a paper layer which is protecting the bottom surface
A pneumatic gear (ATEX) is unrolling and winding up the paper roll after the coating action
A new work piece can immediately be placed on a clean surface without cleaning the table before. The paper roll is moved over a static neutral plate of PP
To remove the finished work piece easily from the coating table, lifting components are lifting the work piece from the bottom up for easy access and unload
These pneumatic lifting components are integrated in the middle of the table and are under the paper transport
The lifting components and the feed of the paper roll are controlled by a pedal button
So it´s possible to use the spray table also in an explosive atmosphere
The coating table is twistable up to 180 degrees to guaranty a facile handling
The table is mounted on a welded steel construction which can be easily moved by four (4) nylon wheels. Two (2) of this loadable nylon wheels are equipped with brakes
A side cover made of stainless steel sheets facilitates the maintenance and protection against overspray
Technical Specifications
Work surface length mm 2.000
Work surface width mm 1.000
Workplane height mm 900
Papier roll lenght mm 1.000
Ø aussen mm 100-300
Ø Bohrung mm 76
Total weight Kg 200
Turnwheel mm 600
Air supply, ¼ quick plug bar 4
Standard CE
Color RAL 7035
ATEX, Zone 0/20