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Coring drill rig for small
Fidenza, Italy


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N° 1 coring drill very compact to be used inside and into small tunnels with the following characteristics:
Feed travel fitted for 1 mt long rods (upon request the feed travel can be longer or shorter) Upper and lateral anchoring hydraulic pistons.
max pull back force: 3 tons (different on request) Rotary head with max torque 200 kgm in 1st gera; max speed 1000 rrpm in 2 nd gear (can reach 1250 rpm) Single clamp for rods diameter 50 mm (or different upon rquest)
Drilling control panel on portable console. Power pack unit with electric motor (or diesel motor) complete with oil tank, filters, electric motor, distributors etc...) Electric motor with max power 40 KW.
Power pack skid mounted that can be adjusted to work in sloped places till 45°. Painted in the coor You will decide. hydraulic hosings from the power unit till the drilling unit with lenght 20 mt. Hydraulic hosings from drilling control panel to drilling unit with lenght= 6 mt. Hydraulic winch upon request.
Price on request.