Keysight (Agilent/HP) 11729C in Germany
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Test and Measurement
Frequency range:
10 MHz to 18 GHz
If output bandwidth:
5 MHz to 1280 MHz
Subcategory 2:
Test sets


Keysight (Agilent/HP) CARRIER - NOISE - TEST - SET The HP 11729 C Carrier Noise Test...
The HP 11729 C Carrier Noise Test Set, combined with an HP 8662 A (opt. 003) synthesized signal generator
and a baseband spectrum analyzer, form a complete broadband measurement system for phase noise and
AM noise testing of microwave oscillators, 10 MHz to 18 GHz, HPIB controllable.
It always includes 0,005 to 1,28 GHz coverage, one more band is determined by the option.
The HP 11729 C/8662 A combination includes the critical low noise microwave reference signal (which determines the system noise floor).
The built-in SAW (Surface-Acoustic-Wave) oscillator allows the 11729 C to be used as a frequency discriminator system
for measurements on free running oscillators. This discriminator mode uses the HP 11729 C in a "stand-alone" configuration,
combined with a simple length of external delay line (such as RG 223 cable) and an available baseband analyzer
(such as the HP 8566 A/B or HP 3561 A).
003 5-1280 MHz and 1.28-3.2 GHz operation
007 5-1280 MHz and 3.2-5.76 GHz operation
011 5-1280 MHz and 5.76-8.32 GHz operation
015 5-1280 MHz and 8.32-10.88 GHz operation
019 5-1280 MHz and 10.88-13.44 GHz operation
023 5-1280 MHz and 13.44-16.00 GHz operation
027 5-1280 MHz and 16.0-18.0 GHz operation
130 AM noise detection
140 Rear panel connector
907 Front panel handle kit
908 Rackmount flange kit
909 Front panel handle & rackmount flanges
The HP
Carrier Noise Test Set is a key element of a system that provides convenient manual or automatic phase noise and amplitude noise measurements. With appropriate companion instrumentation, noise measurements can be made on a broad range of sources, 10 MHz to 18 GHz.
The 11729C implements the delay line/mixer frequency discriminator for phase noise measurement on sources from 10 MHz to 18 GHz. It can also be used for the phase detector method. The 11729C provides typical system sensitivity of better than -140 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset from a 10 GHz source. It uses an internal low noise microwave reference signal to down-convert the test signal to an IF frequency. The resulting IF signal is amplified and then applied to a delay line/mixer frequency discriminator where the phase noise is demodulated and made available for analysis.
The 11729C supplies everything needed for a delay line discriminator measurement except the delay line and the spectrum analyzer. The carrier noise test set includes the phase detector, the quadrature monitor, and both the low noise IF and baseband amplifiers. Because the discriminator operates at an IF frequency below 1.28 GHz, common coaxial cable such as RG223 can be used for the delay line. Also because the output of the discriminator is amplified, almost any available low frequency spectrum analyzer can be used. The 11729C provides all this in a compact package that is HP-IB controllable, making automatic phase noise measurements easy.
The 11729C features a maj