Agilent HP N5242A in United
United States
$6,250 USD


Test and Measurement
Launch date:
Instrument type:
Vector, S-Parameter
Input noise level:
-114 dBm at 10 Hz IF bandwidth
Output power range:
+18 dBm (power sweep range of 38 dB)
Low end frequency limit:
10.00 MHz
High end frequency limit:
26.50 GHz
Subcategory 2:
Analyzers network


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The Agilent
premier-performance network analyzer is a member of the PNA Series network analyzer platform and provides highly integrated measurement capabilities for active device tests. It is an integrated vector network analyzer featuring a built-in S-parameter test set, one or two synthesized sources used for device stimulus, a hard disk drive, USB interfaces and a 10.4 inch LCD touch screen display.
The standard 2-port test set comes with six front-panel access loops. The loops provide access to the signal path between (a) the source output and the reference receiver, (b) the source output and directional coupler thru arm and (c) the coupled arm of the directional coupler and the port receiver. The standard test set also includes a solid-state internal RF transfer switch in the R1 reference-receiver path.
130 dB dynamic range, 32 channels
Flexible architecture for multiple measurement setups
The only network analyzer in the industry with internal pulse modulators and pulse generators
Internal combing network for simplified two-tone measurements
Nonlinear vector analyzer capability (NVNA)
Large touch screen display with an intuitive user interface
Optional second internal source for fast measurements of amplifier intermodulation distortion and mixer/converter conversion loss. Up to 35 times faster than using traditional external sources
Optional combining network for simplified two-tone measurements
Optional internal modulators and generators for fast, simplified pulsed measurements. Up to 30 times faster than using external modulators and generators
Optional rear panel access loops and internal switches for signal conditioning or single-connection multiple measurements