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Jouan IG 150 C02 incubator
Borken, Germany
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IG 150


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Here we offer a Jouan C02 incubator CO2 incubator. The CO2 incubator used for cultivation of cell cultures. This requires the following conditions: a sterile atmosphere a constant temperature, a CO2-enriched atmosphere with high humidity Dimensions and weight: Temperature range: Ambient + 5 C to 50 C CO2 detector: Infrared Size: 90 x 73 x 60cm Inside dimensions: 66 x 48 x 45 cm Outer material: steel Inner material: stainless steel interior door: safety glass CO2 Incubator Jouan IG 150 water jacket volume 85 liters maximum volume of 154 liters Maximum number of sheets (. 3 pcs included) usable space per sheet 0.16 m2 usable max. Inkubtionsfläche: 1.28 m2 minimum distance Height 66 mm Net weight 80 kg filled with water about 170 kg Weight with packaging approx 100 kg Required power supply. 230 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz Power consumption max. 800 VA, normal consumption at 37 C: 220 Watt fuses thermal magnetic switch is set to 5 A at 220 V phase to ground.. Color of the connections brown = phase, blue = neutral yellow / green = ground workspace: Ambient temperature 15 - 30 C CO2 inlet pressure 300 mbar - 3 bar temp area in the interior of 5 C above ambient to 45 ° C operating range with CO2 gas 0 , 0% to 20.0 0/0 Product weight: 80,00 kg Type IG 150 Contents: (See picture) 2 weeks commissioning [...Technical data truncated]