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2017 LEO 87" 2026 Slinging Manure Manure spreaders in Ridott, IL, USA

2017 LEO 87" 2026 Slinging
Ridott, IL, USA
$26,500 (USD)
87" 2026 Slinging Manure


Subcategory 2:
Soil prep


2017 2026 Slinging Manure Spreader 87", Spectacular Spread Pattern. LEO Agriculture s heavy duty side slinging spreaders are designed heavier, smarter and stronger. The 20 series spreader utilizes two horizontal augers with one auger moving the material backward and the other forward to a hammer expeller which under slings material for an even spread pattern. The improvements the LEO machine offers include a bigger door and wider expeller opening for better and faster discharge of material. Longer discharge hammers provide a golf club action to spread material even over a further distance. Fabricated hammer design provides a reduced maintenance cost and increases spread pattern consistency with liquids. The expeller shroud bottom is made from stainless as well as the surface from the auger to the expeller, this same surface is also flatter in a straight downward profile to the expellers. The larger diameter augers with a tighter pitch makes startup under load easier as well as reduce bridging of material overtop the augers. The LEO machine also incorporated all chains into a front oil bath and does not drive through one auger to another. The machine also utilizes an extremely heavy duty bogie system with heavier spindles to withstand rough terrains. The high flotation tires reduce digging in and sinking in wet conditions. LEO Agriculture prides itself most on the heavy construction of its spreaders; this machine utilizes a heavier bottom profile, side walls, bracing, as well as heavier front and rear end panels. Capacity (Gallons): 2,600 (Struck) Capacity (Cubic Feet): 348 (Struck) Capacity (Cubic Yards): 13 (Struck) Overall Width: 96" Overall Length: 255" Side Wall Thickness: 1/4"" Bottom Thickness: 5/16" End Panel Thickness: 1/4" Loading Height: 87" Amount of Tires: 4 Axle Type: Tandem Gearbox: All Chains Enclosed Min. Power Req.: 130 Hp Scale System: Optional Truck Mount: Yes WARRANTY: 2 year Pro-Rated Gearbox, 2 Years Scale Option, 1 Year Construction
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