Unterschneidheim, Germany




SPIDER SP12260 Towage hose dispensing system with lifting mast
The Spider tow hose application is a combination of two machines. The basis is the greenland injector Spider SP12260. A lifting mast is coupled to an equipment for pulling the tow hose. The lifting mast of the spider is a tool carrier. Operating hydraulics, flow meters, section circuits and all other components required for a discharge system are mounted on the mast. The lifting mast also has a quick coupling, whereby the spreading system can be quickly attached and disconnected. As a result, the lifting mast can also be used with a cultivator with hose feed or with other machines.
The lifting mast has a trailing-pipe construction, which can be swiveled through 180 °, the center of rotation of which is located just behind the rear axle of the tractor underneath the machine. Thanks to the double universal joint in the telescope, which automatically retracts and thus relieves the tension from the hose at the right moment, each curve can be taken without problems and without lateral forces. The combination can even return to the beginning of the pre-use to fertilize it separately.
The advantages:
* Possibility to tow with 5 '' hose
* Pulling point close behind the tractor, whereby no lateral forces act on the machine
* The trailing tube construction is not pulled at the discharge installation
* Double cylinder with patented lever construction, which brings the hydro-telescope back into the correct position after a curve
* Double cardan joint, with which you can even completely retrace to fertilize the prewar
* Mechanical locking of the hydroteloscope while working through a hydraulic fork head.
IDEAL Pump Cart PW120
The Ideal PW120 is a mobile pump unit that meets all the needs of the drag-hose technology. With a double subdivision the tank has a buffer function with sufficient space for pumping manure and sufficient space for rinsing and mixed water. The entire design of the tanker is based on user-friendliness and capacity. This means a trouble-free and very large supply and removal of liquid flows. Thus, the imagination can stimulate exciting pump capacities up to well over 300m3 / h at a pressure of 15-17 bar. The PW120 has a high-pressure centrifugal pump with a ceramic-mechanical shaft seal. In addition, the pump has a pre-cutting knife for cutting straw and forage residues. A hydraulically driven 10,000-liter vacuum pump is installed to start the pumping process. A hydraulically operated three-way valve determines the compartment selection for filling as well as for pumping liquid manure or water. The ideal PW 8 '' suction arm facilitates the work. The suction arm is mounted at the rear right, so that the suction location is always accessible. Troublesome pulling of heavy hoses is a thing of the past. The suction arm has the turbomaster under the last rotary ring. Thanks to the mechanical seal, the turbomaster can also be dipped into the liquid thro