2010 Münch RMP 520 Straw pelletizing plant in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
$220,940 USD
RMP 520


Type of machine:
Straw pelletizing plant
10) tube auger Ø250mm, l:
6,5m approx.


Straw pelletizing plant Münch RMP 520
used machine
Straw pelleting system consisting of:
1) Multi Shredder Cormall RBS-260, single rotor with 30kW main motor
2) Stratek stone trap
3) Christy & Norris Hammermill type X26 with 45kW main motor and Ø8mm screen
4) Cyclone type JA-100
5) Rotary valve type B500-S
6) Filter type Simatek JM 41/25-14, series 4T1, 45m2 filter area for
10.000m3/h air, max. dust emission 7) Main ventilator type JHM DST40 280-55/R with 30kW motor
8) Belt conveyor for milled straw from cyclone to buffer- and metering silo,
W:0,6m x L:10m (approx.)
9) BM buffer- and metering silo for milled straw – 2,5 x 2,5 x 4,0m (approx.)
with 60 degree bottom and discharge auger.
10) Tube auger Ø250mm, L:6,5m approx.
11) Buffer silo on top of pellet mill, holding capacity 70 kg. With discharge
12) Pellet mill Münch type RMP520 with 2 x 55kW electric motor and 2,2 kW
gearmotor for force feeding of material into the compression chamber
13) Belt conveyor, W:0,3m x L:10m (approx.) for hot pellets from pellet mill to
14) Pellet cooler
15) Belt conveyor W:0,3m x L: 10m for ready pellets to silo
16) BM Finish product silo W:2,0 x L:2,0m x H:4,0m (approx.) with 45 degree
17) Belt conveyor, W:0,3m x L:6m (approx.) for pellets from finish product silo
to bagging off unit
18) Bagging off unit with scale and bag sealer. Semi-Automatic
19) Ø100mm discharge auger for pellets from finish product silo to bigbag
filling unit.
20) Weighing platform for pallets
21) Pallet wrapping unit.
22) Complete control panel with PLC
23) Air compressor unit
24) Ducting
With reservation about the exact technical details.