2010 Kahl C38-780 Straw pelletizing plant in Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark
$220,940 USD


Type of machine:
Straw pelletizing plant


Straw pelletizing plant Kahl C38-780
used machine
Complete straw pelletizing system consisting of:
1) Cormall inclined bale conveyor type FB-10, L:10,0m
2) Cormall MTX-H, 22m3, twin-auger bale breaker with 2 x 15kW main motors
3) Cormall discharge auger with “back scratcher” and stone trap
4) Cormall straw mill type HDH-770 with 45kW main motor
5) Cormall straw silo type HS-15
6) Donaldson Filter unit
7) Cormall discharge auger from silo to pellet mill
8) Kahl conditioner with 5,5kW gearmotor
9) Kahl pellet mill type C38-780 with 110kW main motor
10) Discharge conveyor for hot pellets, L:3,5m W:0,3m
11) Belt cooler L:6,0m, W:1,8m
12) Ventilator for pellet cooler with 11,0 KW
13) Cyclone for cooling air from cooler
14) Pellet sifter type AB Vibrators
15) Cup elevator for ready pellets H:7,0m
16) Horizontal auger for ready pellets from elevator to ready product silo
17) Ready product silo, H:4,5m x W:2,0 x L:2,0m, 45 degree bottom
18) Discharge auger from ready product silo to bagging machine
19) B&C form- fill and seal machine type CV80 with dosing system on the top
20) Bag forming belt for squeezing the bags into shape.
21) Belt conveyor for ready bags
22) TMG high level palletizer incl. pallet magazine.
23) Complete control panel with PLC
24) Ducting
With reservation about the exact detailed description.