Lörrach, Germany
Kaltenbach saws


Condition info:
Used machine Refurbished like new
Electric connection:
TN-S system - 3 phases, neutral, earth 400/50 V/Hz


KBS 620 DG
Semi-Automatic, Twin Pillar Construction Band Sawing Machine
SAW BAND Bi-metal saw band M42 6,175 x 41 x 1.3, Z3/4 mm
WORKING RANGE 90° 620 x 350 mm
+ 70° 615 x 350 mm
- 70° 595 x 350 mm
+ 60° 570 x 350 mm
- 60° 540 x 350 mm
+ 45° 470 x 350 mm
- 45° 430 x 350 mm
+ 30° 330 x 350 mm
Min. material cross section 10 x 10 mm
DRIVE PERFORMANCE Saw motor, frequency controlled 4.0 kW
Hydraulic power pack (delivery 4.9 l/min) 1.5 kW
CUTTING SPEED Infinitely variable at the operating panel 15 - 90 m/min
SAW BAND FEED Infinitely variable at the saw frame 0 - 300 mm/min
Rapid approach/retraction of saw band 2,500 mm/min
WORKING HEIGHT above floor 640 mm
COMPRESSED AIR by customer (for atomized coolant system) 6 - 8 bar
AIR CONSUMPTION at 6 bar 60 l/min
MACHINE WEIGHT without accessories approx. 2,600 kgs
MACHINE DIMENSIONS (length x width x height) approx. 3,000 x 1,200 x 2,280 mm
ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT According to EN 60204-1 with freestanding operating panel
ELECTRIC CONNECTION: TN-S system - 3 phases, neutral, earth 400/50 V/Hz
  Vertical saw in solid twin pillar construction. High cutting performance and precision with inclined saw band
Cutting speed control of the frequency controlled gear motor at the freestanding control cabinet
Hydraulic saw band feed, infinitely variable at the saw frame via adjustment valve
NC-controlled angle setting at the freestanding control cabinet. Angle setting via frequency controlled motor and rotary encoder. Automatic, hydraulic clamping of machine after angle setting
Automatic cycle control (clamping - sawing - relieve)
Self-adjusting profile clamping with horizontal- and vertical clamping device within the automatic cycle con-trol
Hydraulic horizontal clamping device
Movable clamping jaw with long stroke cylinder and automatic return stroke limitation. Clamping pressure manu-ally adjustable Hydraulic vertical clamping device
Positioned immediately adjacent to the saw band. Clamping pressure manually adjustable
Saw frame inclined and running in backlash-free linear guides
Independent suspension of drive wheel in heavy roller bearings
Mitre cuts free of length corrections as the point of rotation is in the intersection of the saw band and material datum line
Automatic switching from saw band rapid approach to pre-set feed rate for shortest possible cycle times. Au-tomatic determination of the switching point via the vertical clamping device
Saw band guidance by a combination of rollers and tungsten carbide guides. Automatic adjustment of the movea-ble guide arm in accordance to material width
Automatic hydraulic cutting pressure control. Measuring in both band guides. Cutting pressure pre-selection at the saw frame manually adjustable via adjustment valve at the operating side
Machine operation via keyboard display (black/white), integrated into the operating cabinet
Input operations
Machine operation keys for manual operations
Input of max. 1 good piece
- "Cutting angle" R