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Clausing presses
1.25" (31.75mm) dia


Stock number:
Magnetic starters protect motor against overload, low and
ground steel, 4" (102mm) dia., 0.5" (12.7mm) thick wall
Table slots:
two, 15.5" (394mm) long, for .5" (12.7mm) T-bolt
Base t-slots:
two, 13" (330mm) long, for .5" (12.7mm) T-bolt
Spindle nose:
No. 3MT, 1.74" (44.2mm) OD
Column length:
43" (1092mm)
Drill press b:
— 390 lbs. (177kg); 20" (508mm)w x 34.3" (870mm) d x 51.625" (1311mm) h
Spindle travel:
6.5" (165mm)
Motor furnished:
Floor Drill 22" x 19" Table Head & Column Assembly (43" column standard)**
Capacity, hand feed:
1.25" (31.75mm) dia
Quill (ground steel):
2.5" (63.5mm) dia.
2-speed, 3-phase, 440v:
2277 2287-300
1-1/2 hp, 3-ph, 1725 rpm:
2274 2284-300
Spindle to base, maximum:
43.375" (1102mm)
Drill to center of circle:
20" (508mm) dia.
Spindle to table, maximum:
33.125" (841mm)
Table travel, one setting:
20" (508mm)
Motor ... nema frame sizes:
182 and 184
Column to center of spindle:
10" (254mm)
Quill return spring, capacity:
40 lbs (18kg)
Min. center to center distance:
20" (508mm)
Spindle to table, max. distance:
25.437" (646mm)
Base, drill press a (floor drill):
Working surface, ground 15.5" x 13" (394 x 330mm)
Table, drill press a (floor drill):
Working surface 22" x 19.5" (559 x 495mm) —
Drill press b (low/high head & col.):
Column bracket to center of spindle — 9.25" (235mm)
Infinitely variable speeds: 200-1300 rpm, 1-1/2 hp:
1-1/2 HP, 3-ph, 1140 rpm 2275 2285-300
Infinitely variable speeds: 300-2000 rpm, 1-1/2 hp:
1-1/2 HP, 1-ph, 1725 rpm 2272 2282-300
Production rated, with optional power feed, 1-1/2 hp motor:
1.125" (28.6mm) in cast iron, .875" (22.2mm) in mild steel
Two speed infinitely variable speeds: 150-2000 rpm 1-1/2 - 3/4 hp:
2-speed, 3-phase, 220V* 2276 2286-300
Shipping weights (approximate, with motors) and overall dimensions:
Drill Press A 630 lbs. (286kg); 22" (559mm) w x 36" (914mm) d x 69" (1753mm) h —


ITEM: 20" Variable Speed Drill Presses
Product Features
150 to 2000 rpm... speeds to drill large holes, small holes to spot face, counterbore and ream
A flip of the switch changes from low range to high range, perfect for production applications with quick change tooling
Greater capacity, too, with Clausing LOW/HIGH, production rated 1-1/8" in cast iron, 7/8" in steel with optional power feed
Heavy-duty precision head... all bearing surfaces are precision bored simultaneously for exact alignment. Eight ball bearings support the drive and spindle, lower spindle bearing has a double row to absorb both radial and thrust loads
3 MT spindle... with 6-1/2" travel, 2-1/2" diameter quill and micrometer depth stop
4" column with 1/2" thick wall for great rigidity, accuracy
Precision ground 22" x 19" oil trough table, handles large parts and fixtures
Three V-belts and a cog belt transmit positive power to the spindle
Variable and spindle pulleys are cast iron, fully machined and balanced
FURNISHED: No. 3 MT spindle; elevating mechanism; switch; belt guard; spindle guard. Motors and switches are installed and wired, ready to connect to power. Single phase motors have 8' three-wire cord and plug
*Motor, 1-1/2 - 3⁄4 hp 1800/900 rpm, 60hz. SPECIFY VOLTAGE... When voltage is not specified, motor will be wired on lower voltage. Motors are ball bearing. 3-phase single speed motors are 208/220/440v, 60hz. Single-phase motors are capacitor-start, 115/230v, 60hz
**Head and Column Models Furnished with: No. 3MT spindle, head elevating mechanism, column, mounting flange, switch and belt guard. Motor and switches are installed and wired, ready to connect to power
Clausing 20" (508mm) Multiple Spindle Drill Presses: Clausing multiple spindle drills can be custom built with up to four 20" heads. When ordering a multiple spindle drill press use the table model number below, plus the appropriate head and column assemble for the corresponding number of heads. Mix and match any number of drill heads as your requirements demand. Example: If you wish to have a 3 spindle drill press with three-20" heads you would order (1) 20-503 table assembly and (3) 2286-300 20" head assemblies. Tell us the order to mount the heads and you have the 3-spindle drill you require. If you have a special request, contact us for a quotation. *Special orders priced on application. For more info - CLICK HERE
For Factory Installation Only
NOTE: Magnetic starters protect motor against overload, low and
no voltage-Thermal Overload Unit NOT required
For Single Speed Motor No. 2371 MAGNETIC STARTER.*
Protects motor against overload, low and no voltage. Motor will not automat ically restart when power is restored. Transformer provides 110v at start/stop push button. 6 lbs
No. 2371-15 MAGNETIC STARTER for 3-phase. Includes disconnect switch and 110 volt push-buttons
No. 2377 REVERSING DRUM SWITCH for 1 & 3-phase.*